Channel 4 is gearing up with a fresh iPad practical application for its 4oD Television catch up solutions.

The new application is designed together with the purpose of allowing the users have fun with selected exhibits from Channel 4, E4 along with More4 on their The apple company tablet equipment.

It also presents users the opportunity to view the shows they skip, within a limited time period of 30 days after they have been originally transmitted.


However, this app does not feature the particular 4oD archive, at the very least not for the time being, meaning that consumers will have to remain content with catch-up Television set only. Channel 4 can be optimistic with regards to launching this 4oD archive soon enough though, consequently enabling customers to take the actual privilege of watching vintage shows.

I guess one slight problem may be the cost of the iPad.  Never fear, with some very careful searching on the internet and the right amount of research, it’s possible and, indeed, very simple, to get a free iPad or free iPad 2.   These little beauties are shipped direct from Apple, are brand new and come with all the normal warranties.  A perfect, hassle free solution.

AS you would generally expect, the app will probably heavily make use of advertising. This sponsors is going to be allowed to showcase their models at the beginning along with during an ongoing program, each and every normal TV program. Before the 4oD had been introduced to the system, iPad end users could not view Channel 4 programs because tablet system does not include support for the Adobe Flash player.

It absolutely was so much pleasure to experiment with the stylish ipad by including a little something glittery here and there, or maybe something daring with friends. This is a life changing method since it enables you to learn how you you can enjoy your life, and you will need to enhance your life with Ipad Applications.

The app is free regarding download inside the Apple app store, nevertheless reportedly only reserved for a limited time period. Also, the app is good for UK audiences only.


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