Are you looking for any cool smart phone for your personal use? If your answer is yes, then just have a look at the new Dell Streak Tablet and Android powered Phone, which has been recently launched by Dell in the market. It was priced at US $ 549 by Dell, but Amazon is offering you at unbelievable price of just US $ 49.99 only. You not only get a most modern smart phone, but you get to save almost 81% of your money and own an Android powered tablet PC with a 5” touch screen display.

You can use this powerful Dell Streak Tablet and Android powered Phone for browsing the net, reading e-book, downloading any movie and watching it at your convenience, checkout TV shows, enjoying your favorite music and playing games. You can also call it a Pocket Tablet, which can be your most powerful tool to use your digital life while you are on the move.

Special offer on Dell Streak Tablet and Android powered Phone is available for limited period only. So you must hurry, in order to avail this special discount offered by Amazon.


Dell Streak Tablet And Android powered Phone is available with 5” multi-touch screen display with a 1 GHz Snap dragon micro processor. This smart phone is enabled by AT&T network with 3G connectivity having GPS. You can easily navigate with Google maps and also AT&T navigator as optional choice.

It has also got 5 megapixel camera with camcorder, stereo music with Bluetooth and the memory is expandable up to 32GB.It is also powered by a replaceable battery of 1530 mAh lithium-ion.

Dell Streak Tablet and Android powered Phone is run by android version 1.6 Operating System. Its multitasking function can enable you to switch from various applications like browsing, multimedia operation, navigation and also normal telephony operations. The overall dimension of this smart phone is 2.1” x 0.6” x 4.2” with a shipping weight of approximately 1.6 pounds.


Dell Streak Tablet and Android powered Phone is not just a smart phone, but a mobile Android-powered tablet PC. Thus, along with various normal mobile telephony operations, you can also send emails, browse any website and perform all the function that you can do on any normal tablet PC.

Since this smart phone is enabled by AT&T network, it is very easy to get internet connectivity. With android operating software, it will be easy to quickly download any movies or music files and many other android applications.

With Dell Streak Tablet and Android powered Phone, it is possible to do number of multitasking operations without any hassle and at the same time you can also continue your conversation and send SMS. This smart phone can be an ideal choice for any professional, who are constantly on the move. Moreover, its navigation facility will help you to locate yourself at any unknown place and help you to reach to your destination.  With its powerful camera it is possible to do video chatting while you are on move.


According to our technology experts at ,Dell Streak Tablet And can be a wonderful smart phone for any professional, businessmen or sales person who are usually touring. With its excellent navigation facility, it will guide the user to locate its destination at any unknown location. Since such a powerful smart phone with multipurpose applications is available at a discounted price for a limited period, you should not let go this opportunity at any cost.




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