The G500 Gaming mouse;

Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse

Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse

The Humble Desk Rodent is now required to do more than just Point & Click, with today’s action packed games such as Call of Duty Black Ops, Crysis 2 or Assassins Creed Brotherhood more is required.

More Control
More Accuracy
More Buttons
More Ergonomically Designed

If you thought you already had a mouse, that it was good enough then think again, long gone is the day a 2 button mouse would cut the mustard. So what is the Answer.?

The answer could be in the form of the very respectable Logitech G500 Mouse.

Logitech have been in the Human Interface business for as long as I can remember, no doubt most of us have had one or another of their products. They have particularly been at the cutting edge of Mouse Development and are without doubt the current largest seller of Gaming Mice. With no less than 7 Gaming mice currently on the Market.

Why the G500 Gaming Mouse?

Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse

Logitech G500 Mouse

MORE, Logitech give you more.

10 Mouse Buttons - (Yes you heard it right TEN)
Dual Mode Scroll Wheel -  (It’s truly Lightning Fast)
5700Dpi Laser Sensor
1000MHz Polling
Customizable Weight

Ten Mouse Buttons, WOW, fully customizable, perfect for those hot keys, sniper shots and frag grenades. (You’d never know I was a COD Fan…) The buttons are so well positioned that you don’t even know they are there, yet, no accidental presses; they are nice and firm and each gives a satisfying quality sounding click when depressed.

If you haven’t experienced the Dual Mode Scroll Wheel then you may not understand, but this is just stunning. In normal use you can feel the individual notches in the mouse but click it down once and it becomes the super scroll wheel, spinning with such speed and smoothness that it is hard to explain. Spin the scroll wheel and it will continue to spin for more than 45 seconds, it’s “that” smooth.

The 5700Dpi Laser in the gives 100% Acurate results, the tracking is unmatched, well, at least it’s unmatched by Mice without this Sensor and there is no lag whatsover because of the 1000mhz polling rate.

Worried about the Feel? Well you needn’t be, this mouse has had more design thrown at it than the Petronas Towers, this mouse is so ergonomic that it almost sticks to your hand, moulded as if by magic, perfectly to your palm. If it wasn’t for the Additional Weight that can be installed, up to a whacking 27g, in this mouse, it probably would stick to your hand. The Weight really does make it feel like you’re holding the AK47 of Gaming Mice. Perhaps the ?

Logitech Gaming Mice 

Logitech G500 Mouse

Logitech G500 Mouse

The G500 Gaming mouse, I think is the current best mouse for gamers.

I personally use this mouse, and not just for gaming, but also for Internet Browsing, writing emails and more. It really is that versatile and at just $60 bucks it’s a bargain when compared to other manufactures offerings.


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