Link building is of the vital parts in promoting a new website.  A good quality link is going to get the website a higher rank in search engines. A lot of businesses have tried effective promotion strategies but many of them have failed in getting good results. Each business faces the same problem when trying to promote a website. The sole reason that gets poor results, for most of these businesses is simply poor link building.

Common Link Building mistakes

  1. Getting links from sites that are not related to you site. Most people go for cheap links and are promised thousands of back links. But the problem here is that the links come from a totally unrelated site to the business’s site. Though, it will get the site a higher traffic but search engines might think that the website is poor and is looking to artificially spread its link around. This is going to result in a poor rank on search engines.
  2. Using too many back links. Many sites post their links on poor websites or websites that are known to have poor content. This way the business will get a lot of back links but the problem with this is that, now, search engines are penalizing such practices. The site should only post the links to quality sites and not irrelevant sites. Even if the number of backup links is less, you will get a higher rank as search engines are focusing towards the quality of the site and not the quantity of links
  3. Fast link building. This is a really dangerous mistake. If you build links really fast and keep on submitting hundreds of links to directories, then you can get banned from such directories and from the search engine itself.
  4. Building the link once and trying to stay on the search engine forever. There are a lot of competitors out there and to stay on the current position on the search engine page, you need to build links on a regular basis. If you don’t, then competitors are likely to kick you out of your position. Looking for  exam help? Let’s take advantage of Self Test Engine self paced  training and pass your IT exams on first try.
  5. Not thinking about social media. A lot of people ignore social media when building links. This is wrong! Social media is one of the best ways to link to your sites. Millions of people are on sites like facebook and some of them are definitely going to get links to your site. You should not only try to link pages to your site but should also try to promote the business by using sites such as facebook.
  6. Using the same keyword again and again in anchor text. When submitting content to directories and blog, most people use the same keywords in the anchor text. You should use different keywords and should vary the anchor text to get better results.
  7. Unstable link building. You should avoid building a massive number of links. If the content of the site is good, then the visitor is going to link to your site himself. This will get you better results on search engines.


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