So you’re thinking about getting a new XBOX360. It could be a replacement for an old worn out one, or it could be a whole new one – it doesn’t really matter – as long as you know about your home theatre equipment, and what it’s capable of.

When you get a new piece of equipment to add to your Home Theatre, one important factor to think about is whether it will be compatible with the rest of your equipment. When everything is made to work with each other, things are a dream. You can use a single remote for everything, your TV can tell your Amplifier to turn on, and you can even make your entire Home Theatre power up and commence playing a BluRay at the push of a single button. That’s the life, isn’t it!? However.. If things are incompatible, this can cause inconvenience; extra cost; and in the very worst case scenario – danger to your safety! We’ve all tripped over a stray cable at some point!

When you think you have everything sorted out, your Home Theatre or Entertainment System may be failing on its weakest link – the cables. You need to remember that when you buy a TV, DVD Player, Blue Ray, or even a game console; They RARELY come with a HDMI cable included – what a rip off! – and because of this, you may end up buying the cheapest cables they can find – this is understandable as your wallet just took a bit of a beating already!

Settling for cheap cables is simply NOT a good idea. You may get a picture through it, but you may also find yourself calling your XBOX360 salesman, complaining that it just doesn’t look as bright or crisp as it did in the store! He’ll call you crazy, because they’re all built the same!

If you want to guarantee you’re getting the best experience from your new XBOX360, you need to make sure you have the right connections for the job. If you’ve got the right cables, you may even find yourself eliminating the need for some cables, as newer are capable of transmitting a lot more data than those produced a year or two ago. They can also transmit audio to your television, as well as FROM the television to the amplifier (in version 1.4a)! Add to all of this a bit of Ethernet connectivity and you’re all set for a one-cable solution that’s all about convenience.

With the right HDMI Cables you can reduce effort, cost, frustration and clutter. With the right , you can reap all the benefits that your XBOX360 is able to provide. Make sure you look for cables which are certified to the 1.4a standard, and you’ll be on the right path.



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