Portenzo iPad 2 Case Review

If you have purchased your new iPad recently, you must have realized by now that you need to buy additional iPad accessories to make the best out of your iPad. Portenzo is one of the finest makers of iPad 2 accessories, which is well known for its high quality ipad cases. Let us take a brief look in to the features of the Portenzo iPad 2 case.

The exquisite cover with auto wake/sleep option

portenzo ipad 2 caseThe iPad 2 case introduced by Portenzo for protecting your iPad 2 is a combination of exquisite craftsmanship and wooden handicraft.  The iPad cover also wakes up and puts the iPad 2 to sleep when you open and close the smart cover.  The smart cover allows the iPad to lay completely flat on the table with the right corners gripped tightly.  The good news is it is available in USA.

The major advantage of this sleek cover is that it fits all the models of iPad 2 whether 3G + Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi.  The automatic feature of sleep and wake ensures that it is switched on only when you want to use it.  There is no charge on the automatic sleep and wake feature.  The introduction of American Maple frames which are hand sanded is definitely a feature to look out for.

Superior audio quality and protective elastic band

The quality of audio is greatly enhanced by the Audio Flow sound chamber and is directed at you.  The elastic band of the cover is double glued and would never come undone. The major advantage of the elastic band is that the moment the cover is closed, it covers the camera.  There is an option if you wish. On the rear of the cover, you can have a Camera access port that is dust proof.

The strong Magna grip

In case you want your iPad 2 to have a sleek and cleaner look, you may opt for the magna grip.  It would be good to understand why the magna grip scores over the regular grip.  This is essentially because Magna grip uses an array of strongly built earth magnets which are located below the cover.  The magnetic array of iPad 2 is in perfect alignment with the magnetic array of Magna grip.

A great investment

When you are investing in exquisite, advanced equipment with super features like the iPad 2, it definitely makes sense if you invest in a cover befitting the equipment.  The smart cover comes at a moderate price of only $59.95.  When you order for one, you just need to inquire about the shipping charges.

So, if you are looking for one of the best iPad accessories for your new iPad 2, we highly recommend Portenzo iPad cases.



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