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Every wondered how people get there Website’s visible to the world?

I am putting this together to give you an understanding of what Web hosting is, what Web hosting has to offer, and how to get your website visible to the world.


1)    What is the World Wide Web?

The World Wide Web is a network of computers all over the world that can communicate with each other and share information, a kind of information highway if you like.

They all use a standard communication protocol called HTTP.

With use of web pages to store documents & information, web pages are files we store on a web server, and the computers that view the WebPages are called web clients.

We all use applications known as web browser’s to view WebPages, the most common web browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google’s Chrome.

A browser will fetch a web page from a web server by request from a web client; the request will be standard http request containing a page address that will look like this http://www.google.com

So you might ask how your browser displays a web page.

All WebPages contain instructions for display, the browser then reads these instructions and displays the web page according to these instructions, the most commonly used display instructions are HTML tags.

HTML tags look something like this <p>this line.</p>.


2)    What is a Web Server?

A web server is a computer were all your web pages for your web site will be stored and made accessible to the public.

First you would build your web site then you would need to publish your website the World Wide Web, by uploading it to a web server.

The most common type to use is an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

An ISP (Internet Service Provider) provide internet services such as web hosting (storing your web site on a public server) normally web hosting will include services such as email services, and often include domain name registration.


If you want other people to view your web site, you need to upload your site to a public server.

Included in a Web hosting solution you can expect to find domain name registration and standard email services.

To rent a server from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a common option.

Most small companies store their web site on a server provided by an ISP. Here are some advantages:

It is normal for ISPs to have a very fast connection to the Internet.

Usually an ISPs will have powerful web servers that can be shared by several companies. You can also expect them to have an effective load balancing, and necessary backup servers.

By using an ISPs you can expect them to be specialists on web hosting. Expect their servers to have more than 99% up time, the latest software patches, and the best virus protection.

Things to Think about when thinking of an ISP

24-hour support

A quality  ISP/web hosting company  will give 24/7 support, and this is something you really need to check up on and spend time searching the web for information about the ISP/web hosting company, you can try looking for company (scam report) or company name (ripoff report) also can look for blogs about the company and ask in forums if anyone has had any experiance with this company.

At this point putting a little time in to piccking a real quality ISP/Web Hosting Company will pay for its self 10 fold.

Daily Backup

Your ISP/Web Hosting Company must also have a back system in place to safe guard against data loss.

Traffic Volume

It is highly recommended that you read all details on traffic restriction in your ISP’s Term’s & Condition and or fair use policies they have, to be sure you do not get unexpected charges should your website become popular.

Bandwidth or Content Restrictions

Always check how much bandwidth your ISP offers and if there are any content restriction as this can result in your website being suspended if you breach some of these rules.

E-mail Capabilities

If you need email service’s make sure to double check that the ISP offer the email services you need.

Front Page Extensions

If you use FrontPage to develop your web site, make sure your ISP supports FrontPage server extensions.

Database Access

If you plan to use data from databases on your web site, make sure your ISP supports the database access you need.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a solely  for your website i.e google.com

You will need to register your domain name with a domain register such as godaddy.com

This is also good to cheak around and make sure the domain register offers good DNS control’s for your domain, this is will be very usefull when setting up your hosting, email and other feature’s you may or may not need.

Registering a Domain

Domains can be registered with many domain registration companies; all will have their own offers and price range. So it would be wise to look around before you buy.

Once you register a domain name the company will provide you will a CP (Control Panel) were you can set things like NS (Name Server’s) which are used to point your domain name to your web server, along with many other DNS setting’s. It would be wise to make sure your register has a CP were you can edit DNS yourself.

Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is a major step for any individual or organization.

Picking a domain name, you will need to think about what your buisness offers and the purpose of the website you will be building so the name will make sence when people see with regards to the products or sevices you offer.

it is important to consider the purpose of a domain name, which is to provide an easy way to reach your web site.

It is important to think about search engines at this point as well it will be best to consider what we call a key word friendly Domain name, this is a domain name that use’s key words that you would use to search on Google for the same services or products you are going to be offering on your website, this will greatly help you in later stages when you are thinking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The best domains have the following characteristics:

They are short maximum 7 charactors, they are easy to remmber, and they are key word rich (by key word rich we mean webhosting.com) has 2 key words in the domain name Web & Hosting.

Sub Domains

Sub domain’s are usually included with your hosting package and can be used in many ways. A Sub Domain is an extension to your main domain i.e. (sales.yourdomain.com) most people are unaware of sub domains and there uses. Sub Domain’s do not need to be registered with a register but the original domain name dose; you can create your sub domains in your DNS control panel.

This gives you a basic understanding of Web hosting; Web Pages, Domain names and the World Wide Web.

If you have any questions regarding this topic please feel free to mail me

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