Schools of 21st century need to step ahead and start e-marketing as most of the parents will tend to check the schools profile and its history doing a search on that school. But to utter dismay most of the schools are still following the old rules of marketing, or rather don’t believe in marketing. Their thought is, the students who are brand ambassadors will spread word of mouth and this itself will act as marketing for the school. In the 21st century it is essential for schools to be well versed with e-marketing like having website, facebook page, part of important forums on education, online public relation activities for out-performing students in state and national level competitions, etc. Using e-marketing will get the school more eyeballs in today’s highly competitive world where most of the schools are using different marketing strategies to promote and publicize the school.
First and foremost important for the schools is to have their own website and for this purpose they need to hire an experienced web designer who will design the school web site design on par with their competitors. Hiring an experienced website designer with prior knowledge of designing websites for schools and educational institution, as the agency can also provide consultation for the design elements and information to be disseminated through website. The consultant will guide the school head teacher in selecting the website template, the information to be posted on the website, train one of the non-teaching staff on how to maintain the website with latest and updated information, participate in different online education forums and discuss. Also the website design consultant can guide a professional photographer for the photography session with the school students. As the school website acts as an online brochure of the school, providing updated information about the school, it should be well maintained by a support staff, who will be responsible for all the information to be uploaded.

School web design
should also have all the frequently used documents like leave permission, application for enrollment, half-day permission letter, etc. Providing all the information will improve efficiency and communication between the school and parents.  The school website should also have a photo gallery which will display information about its students and alumni, as it improves the school value to have high profile alumni. Showcasing all these information will help in e-marketing for schools in the 21st century.


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