You just voted on  ”Hottest Freshman Girl?”, but did not even see a photo of the beautiful Caeara.  What’s this all about?

You trusted your friends links, you clicked, and now you regret it.  That is because that girl whose name you clicked on is a Freshman in HIGH SCHOOL.  Since she is from California, that means she is 100% off limits.  Do not even think about it.

How do you take this post off of your Facebook wall to reduce your embarrassment about this High School girl?

The good news is that the new Facebook questions DOES allow you to remove this post from your wall.  First you have to find the question and open the voting window.  Facebook records votes without a confirmation.  So by simply pressing her name hoping to see a photo, you were duped into voting!  Not only that, now all your friends are going to be shown the story about you voting on a High School Freshman and tempted to look themselves.   This is getting passed from friend to friend like bad VD.  Now time to remove this pesky infection!  I will tell you how to do that!

1)  In the pop-up voting window, find the words ‘remove vote’.  They are not by the voting options which is poor user interface on Facebooks part.  They are probably off to the right.  Look hard, it is small text.  You can also use the ‘CTRL-F’ feature of your web browser and search for vote.  2)  There should be a link that will remove the post from your wall.  That will be it.

Option 3)  However, you may have gone over zealous and removed the post from you wall, or worse yet, marked it is spam.  In that case, you will still need to find the post with this question.  You can have a friend email you a link, but I will give it to you right here (  This will take you to the question.  At this moment 200,000 people have been tricked to click on her name!  Scandolous!  Remember, even if you remove the post from your wall, you will still have voted unless you use the ‘UNVOTE’ link.  The link is small and on the right near the ads, so do not miss it.

But if you are still wondering, NO you should not really look into this girl.  She is in High School!

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