Branding and marketing is not only for corporate and business houses, schools should also focus on these areas. Though schools don’t generate the same revenue as corporates and don’t need to plead the students like the coaching classes and universities do, still branding helps to improve the overall spirit and the culture of the school. Schools have been associated with marketing, by promoting its overall test scores, athletes in national and state level tournaments, but it was never done with any focus or vision. Through some of the schools have their website, but except for the contact information of the school, they have not invested for a proper web design for schools. Also there is no consistency in the usage of the school logo, nor the colors of the logo. The school slogans, logos, colours, designs, etc are potential assets of the school for branding exercise.
For a new school it will be appropriate to hire branding consultant who can help in the branding of school. From determining the logo, its colours, its design, the font size, selection of the font to choosing the slogan, school merchandise design, prospectus design, letter head design, etc. The consultant will guide the school authorities in finalizing graphic design agency. By identifying the school’s vision and mission, and do they match with the schools’ objective. The next is logo of the school and its colours scheme. Then the font, its size, colours, and lastly the list of places where the school portrays its brand, like school letterhead, identity cards, jerseys, school uniforms, school buses, etc. This process might take six months or a year to finalize. The consultant might also rope in a survey agency to find from the students, parents, teachers and the public about their expectations regarding the school. The survey agency will provide a snapshot of quantitative and qualitative analysis of the survey, which will highlight the required key factors for re-branding.
With the help of the survey analysis, the consultant and the school head teacher can discuss and draft the brief for the agency. Based on the brief the graphic designers at the agency will design the logo, letter head, the copy writers will create a list of slogans and the prospectus designers will design template of the prospectus and present for approval. This whole process will help to position the schools as leader in the field of education.


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