Web development is one of the fastest growing businesses since 1990s. This business started focused on USA, but it quickly got popular worldwide. Website can be divided into two groups. One is the static website and another is the dynamic website. Static means the developed website is static and not regularly updated. It is always never changed vastly. On the other hand, dynamic website is something that changes frequently as user requirement.

Dynamic web development is not simple as the developing static website. Majority of the dynamic website is developed with the technology called LAMP. LAMP is consisted with four systems. They are Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Where Linux is an operating system, Apache is a web server. MySQL is a query system where all data are stored in  databases and fetched as required and PHP is a coding language. The best and great thing about LAMP is it is totally free. Because of this web development is not very expensive.

There are other web development technologies such as Windows Server operating  system, ASP coding language, Microsoft SQL server etc. These systems are not free as Linux, PHP. And as many people say best and most secured environment is LAMP. Even though paid environments guarantees better protection but that differs on which company client will chose.

Another important aspect of web development is Domain and Hosting. Domain is the address of any developed online website. For example if anyone visits “microsoft.com” they will see the website of software developing company Microsoft. There are many other top level domains. Most popular are ‘.com, .net, .org, .info’. Also there are country based domains e.g. ‘co.uk’ is UK based domain. Domains have different price depending on various things.  Such as country based, popularity etc. Sometimes premium and unique domain names can go as high as million dollars in price. Normally domains are bought from domain registrar. One of the well known domain register is Godaddy.com.

To show any website worldwide it has to be hosted on an online web host. Any developed website is consisted of one or more files. These files act as the required material of any website. Then these files are placed in any online web host to make it viewable from the internet. Hosting a website requires funding. Different hosting company charges different depending on their service. A well renowned hosting company is hostgator.com.

Web development is a complicated thing at first sight, but actually it is not. The more days are passing by technology are getting easier, as so web development. Development software are getting more user-friendly and more automated. Things are getting cheaper. Who knows one day we might not even have to do any big and time consuming work to make an attractive and superb website.


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