Are SEO companies necessary for my business?

In this discussion we will not be going into great detail what search engine optimization is or any techniques regarding SEO. This article is specifically for the business owner that sees the value in marketing your business online and how they should approach it given their current situation.  We will be discussing different business models to conclude if SEO companies would benefit you.  If you are a small mom-and-pop shop located in a small town with a small population the short answer to this question is “no.”  I am a firm believer that the Internet in all its power can help the small mom-and-pop shop even if the population there is only a few thousand people.  This day and age people have swarmed the Internet in record numbers looking for their products and services and with the growing number of smart phone users accessing the Internet as well we can agree this is the preferred way consumers are searching for their products and services.

Small mom-and-pop shops should weigh their competition before spending money on SEO companies. 

There is a wealth of knowledge on the Internet for you if you fall into this category. I highly recommend you do the work yourself because it will save you money and for the few hundred dollars you might be able to afford to spend per month, truly you will not find an SEO companies worth their salt for such little money. Good SEO companies know their value and charge accordingly for their services based upon the work that they feel should be provided to compete in the given market based on your competition. 

Some small businesses in large cities or ultra competitive cities will benefit from SEO companies…

If it would be too much work for you to compete online yourself and still run a good business and you know the business is there for the taking… hire a pro.  For instance if you live in a metropolis like Tampa Florida strongly consider if the cost justifies the means. In this example Tampa SEO companies are a good idea because Tampa Florida is a very competitive market for both small and medium size businesses and the city is growing fast each year.

What should businesses expect to pay SEO companies for their work?

There is an old adage here that really rings true when it comes to SEO companies, “it is better to invest more than expected and get what you really want versus paying too little and getting nothing for your money.”  It is the common law of any business that you cannot pay a little and get a whole lot.  From my own personal research the top SEO companies with a solid reputation are charging anywhere from around $18,000 to $36,000 annually but the fee can go much higher. This may or may not sound like a lot of money to some small business owners. The fact of the matter is you go on major job websites you will see Search Engine Optimization professionals earn an average salary of $40,000 to $70,000 annually. In conclusion a business owner can save money outsourcing their Internet marketing to SEO companies rather than hiring a full-time employee to do their search engine optimization. 

So should your business utilize SEO companies?

Consider these factors:

  • Do I see a lot of competition online for my particular industry keyword?
  • Are my competitors actually getting business off the Internet?  (Ask them if possible)
  • Do I really see myself doing the work?
  • Can I afford to pay for quality SEO?
  • Is the company being transparent in the work they will provide? (You should see a list of their services)

If you are a Tampa roofing company competing against 100 other Tampa roofers for the same jobs and you stand to make a significant profit from a new roof then the answer is “yes.”  If you are in a business with very little competition. Perhaps some kind of specialized product or service that very few know about unless you tell them yourself then the answer is “no.”  Ultimately you competition is the deciding factor you should hire an SEO company.


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