They say not to judge a book by its cover, but the reality is that we all do, especially in Orange County. There is nowhere in the world that this is more true than in Los Angeles, California. In a city riddled with good looks appearance is everything and it is human nature to judge things at first sight. The same is true for websites. Upon first glance at a site we as consumers are making judgments about the quality of that which is being presented to us. The layout, the colors, the capabilities, the organization of the site- all of these things help define our understanding of the website itself.

When choosing a web designer in the Los Angeles area it is important to select someone who has proven experience designing websites that not only fit the company’s needs but also the clients. Is the site easy to navigate? Does one page lead seamlessly to the next? Remember, not all websites have the same end goal so it is important that your site reflects the needs of the user and depending on the purpose of your website this could be executed in a variety of manners.

Orange County Web Design Company

Orange County Web Design Company

Another important thing to consider is how accessible is your web designer. You may have questions, updates or problems with the site. You want to make sure that you can reach the designer and are able to rely on them for timely upkeep, because in the online world time is money. A lot of Orange County web designers outsource their work to other countries meaning that when something is wrong with the site or the it requires updating they may have difficulty reaching those who are able to make the appropriate changes. Be sure that if you are finding a local Los Angeles website designer that they also rely on local employees.

No matter how impressive your product or service you are underselling yourself if you do not invest resources into creating a website that reflects the quality and image that you want to portray. Would Apple products, as technologically impressive as they are, sell so well if they didn’t look the way they did? Of course not. The same way that you put effort into the way you look each morning to present the world with the best version of yourself it is important to make sure that your website is the best version of itself that it can be if you need help designing your website make to contact an .

I have been a student of web design for over six years, I graduated from the University of Orange County in 2004. Since I began my career in website design I have learned almost everything there is to know about the many different aspects website architecture. One of the first things I learned through my studies at the University was that proper website structure is imperative to the websites success in the Google search engine results pages. To rank highly in the search results you have to make sure that your link structure, keywords, title tags and meta descriptions are properly implemented. Creating a site that is structurally sound will allow your website to absorb keyword rankings like a sponge. If however your website is poorly optimized it will be much harder to achieve success in the rankings. For more information about Orange County click here


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