The best type of internet connection for an office with fast-paced tasks is the T1 internet. Almost everything is dependent on the internet nowadays so it’s difficult to go through workdays without any access to an efficient and fast internet connection. A T1 connection has a special type of line, usually made of a special type of copper or fiber optic, which can handle significantly more data than the average telephone line. It was originally created for North America and Japan by AT&T Bell Labs. Some T1 internet connections are made of fiber optics but most are made of twisted copper. T1, compared to most types of internet connections, is able to send and receive data through bigger data streams at a faster speed than a traditional DSL or dial-up.

It’s not very typical to find a T1 connection in small and medium scale business, much more in homes. T1 is very expensive and is commonly used for offices that have huge business networks. Other internet connections that are commonly used utilize traditional telephone lines. With T1, it’s like having a direct connection to the source of internet itself. The speed of a T1 connection is impeccable. It’s 60 times faster than an internet connection from a conventional modem. A standard modem can transfer data and voice at 30,000 kbps. On the other hand, a T1 connection can handle 1.544 mbps worth of transfers.

It’s a good idea to get a T1 internet connection if you have more than 8 lines in the office. This way, you can cut down on phone bills and still provide high-speed internet for your workers. The price of one T1 account is cheaper than having many separate phone lines. A T1 connection also has something that other internet connections don’t. A T1 connection has a Dedicated Internet Access or DIA. This means that the internet connection for this account is always on. This is a valuable feature for businesses that rely on internet connection because they will lower the risk of losing time and resources just because they can’t receive and send information through the internet.

is the best option for outsourcing ventures although it can be costly. Both installation costs and monthly subscription are very expensive. Although it is costly, it is protected by Service Level Agreements or SLAs. SLAs give a specific performance rate and uptime of the connection. The internet connection provider is held liable if it doesn’t fix any problem that arises regarding the internet connection.  That’s how works.


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