Normal concept of spam is considered as junk mail. Buy search engine spamming is completely different scenario from this one. Search engine spamming is tempting search engine spider to forcibly enhance website page rank and search engine ranking on search engine result page. Which is totally a bad idea. Search engine always like naturally recognized links and with the help of such link search engine improve relevant website’s ranking.

Every search engine follows it’s own algorithm to determine the spam. So in general spam is the technique that search hates. But still there are some search engine optimizers who use spamming techniques to rank their websites. Here you will find clear guidelines for what is valid and invalid practices for search engine optimization. Below are the three approaches are most common in spamming world.
1) Hidden Content (Cloaking)
2) Doorway Pages
3) Mirror Sites

What is Hidden Content ?

Hidden content is such content that is visible to search engine spider not to users. As search engine reads only plain text no matter in what color. Many webmaster add keyword stuffy content with same text color of page background which not visible to users but search engine spiders easily reads that.

Hidden content is usually keyword stuffed paragraphs and other info which are in interest to search spiders but not helpful for users. Many SEOs add such content with same format of skin in HTML format.

What are Doorway pages ?

 Doorway pages or splatter screens with full sized advertisements. Search engines easily detects such pages since long time but those webmasters and owner used to do this stuff for their sites.

It is not connected page to main site. This is employed to get high flick in SE results and send you to doorway page link. For Example, you are on e commerce shopping site and when you click on certain link you have redirected to another advertisement page with some hidden content.

What are Mirror sites ?

At first case mirror sites are not considered as misleading tactic. It is just a duplicate site which stuff different keyword with HTML description tags. Assume that you are buying laptop accessories online from one site. Your site might have keyword such as laptop accessories and the same site with some another keyword and hosted on another portal and other site which is duplicate site with keyword related to computer accessories. It seems like forcible approach to drive traffic with variety of sites having similar products.

In initial phase search engine will entertain such tactics but as time passes it will find what exactly going on. At that time your get banned or penalize for sure. Once it has been penalized then there almost no chances to come out.

SEO white hat technique guidelines from the professional SEO service and paid directory inclusion network marketing. is guaranteed source of getting link to website with less efforts.


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