Manual directory submission is the best method you can use for the improvement of web site ranking on major search engines. If you work on it in perfect sense it could be one of the importan aspects of the website growth and authority, which can leads to get huge amount of traffic to your website.
Google which is the world’s major search engien considers and prefers manual directory submission over automatic software submission. As directory contains Title, and whole description with meta keywords in it the whole strategy becomes very effective and profitable. Automated software submission are 100% considered as spam and makes your banned parmanently from search engine database. The best practice is the manual submission to various general and niche web directories which will improve your sites ranking.
When it comes directory selection for submission you must choose well known and valid high page rank directory for submissions for the website project. Though manual directory submission is time consuming and frustrating it has many advantages. I am going to enlist the benefits of manual directory submission which will help you for directory selection and submission.
Webdirectory submission has two major benefits, first one is you get very good search engine ranking for your keywords which is considered as organic ranking. Because directory links lets you improve ranking in organic search results. Second one is you will get huge volume of one way links for your site.
If you are submitting directory links for free then you must submit it to 100-150 directories at time, because approval rate is very low. Out of those 100-150 links you will get only 10% i.e. 10-15 approved links. Or otherwise you can submit only 10-15 links to paid inclusion directories which will give you guaranteed approval in 24-48 hours. Paid inclusion directories are 100% manually reviewed directories. If you have made some gramatical mistake then admin will correct it and submit the right one. As paid directories are manually operated there is less chance span that can happen. I must say in such fast moving world invest some money in paid directories rather than your time becuase Time is much more than money. You can bring your money back but not the time.
Good directory becomes a good directory when it is considered as normal SEO project and optimize it. Search engine likes such one way link coming from SEO friendly web directory. Search engine only recommends such links and considers it for ranking purpose.
Though you submit links to directory manually you have to take care of the directory should not be run with automated script. Many paid directories are very well optimized directories so that you can rely on such directories. I must say all the best to directory submitters….
CadioAdvertising is the well know y networks offers paid directory inclusion service in very low cost fees. Submit links and get and improve search engine ranking.

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