If you need to outsource some of your jobs to a freelancer, you have help in the form of many outsourcing sites, which are meant just for this purpose. Freelancers can help you if you are not adept at certain tasks, but don’t want to spend time learning it. Here are some outsourcing sites that are a hub of freelancing activity. You will surely find the right person for your outsourcing needs on one of these.


This is one of the most popular sites for outsourcing writing jobs. Thousands of freelancers are registered on this site, ready to serve your writing needs. Whether you need some articles or web content for your site, you can find suitable freelancers here. When you post a job on the site, you can tag it with certain categories so that people know exactly what kind of content you want to be written.

Writing is not the only job that you can get done from people on this site. There are also people who can design a website for you, write a script that you need for your website and write programs in various languages. Since many freelancers bid on each job, don’t always go for the one with the lowest bid. If you are paying only $2 to a freelancer for a 3000 word article, you will only get what you pay for.


This website provides programmers and programming script writers for various projects – big and small. Most of the jobs posted on this site are for web design. Nonetheless, you will also find freelancers available for writing applications here. If you want to design a website, you will find plenty of web designers on the site.

Payment options here are very easy and the site has a system, which makes the transaction process very smooth. You can communicate with your chosen freelancer through the website too.


Elance.com is one of the biggest freelance sites in the world and for a reason. Thousands of freelancers register on this site for work. Also, there are thousands of projects posted each day on the site. The only thing some people gripe about the site is that you need to pay them to register. However, the money that you spend here is really worth it.

Like Scriptlance mentioned above, this site also has an easy payment process. It also helps resolve conflicts of payment between you and the freelancer. If you find a freelancer and get the job done, the site will get a small percentage of the fee that you paid.


Odesk is another site, which is really good for posting freelance work. It is very easy to register on this site. Once you get bids for your work, the site provides a complete profile of each and every applicant along with ratings and past work. This helps you to that best suits your needs. Ratings are given to all job posters and the freelancer. This makes the process of hiring somebody very transparent.

These are just a few of the many outsourcing sites that are available on the internet. These sites have proven to be the most reliable ones for both freelancers as well as people who post jobs.


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