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I have been playing with webhosting, for the last 4 years now trying to make a living online, so I started off looking for a webhosting provider “not an easy task” so many to pick from and everyone sounds better than the last one.

So my plan was to start a small webhosting company of my own, and the easiest way to start this up is with reseller hosting, also I want to be able to offer a good package so for ease of use and ability to offer the best add-ons to my customers, so I decided after much research on Linux reseller Hosting, This will allow my customers ability to create powerful website’s with a huge array of easy to use tool’s.

Next I wanted to find a hosting company that gives me all this with the ability to resell to my own customers under my own company name.

There is many sites out there all offering some amazing sounding deal’s and after searching for hours I finally found what seamed to be the best deal, so I contacted them and asked a few question’s, once I was happy with the responses I got I decided  to go ahead and order my reseller account from (Warning do not visit this site please read on)

So I paid for the first month and with the assurance that I had 30 day money back guarantee I was feeling safe with my choice of company’s to use, and started to build my website were I would sell this webhosting.

I spent the next 2 weeks nearly 24/7 building a really good website for my new business and was finally ready to go live with it, I then proceeded to upload my website, and then began the to work on driving traffic to my site, after spending another 2 weeks writing articles, blogs and submitting them to search engines, my site was starting to get some good traffic to it, and a few customers were starting to buy web hosting from me.

I was starting to feel real good my hosting company was providing me everything I needed and I was starting to make some money from it!

Before long I had around 200 Customers and was in to my second month with, because I was making some money and my hosting company seamed so good I decided to pay my hosting for the next year in advance, everything was ok for the next 14 days well my payment cleared from PayPal, then all of a sudden all my customer websites were not working along with my own website, so I contacted to ask what had happened a how long it would take to fix it, the response I got shocked me totally, they said to me that my account had been suspended due to using too much disk space, I found this very strange because the package I had bought was unlimited space & Bandwidth, so I responded to this explaining that I had bought the unlimited package thinking they had made a mistake.

I never got and more responses from them about this and to this day have never got the $780 back I paid them for 1 year’s service in advance, which is one of the reasons I am writing this to warn you all about so you do not make the same mistake as me they are scammer and will steal your money.

Now I was left with the problem all my customers sites were down lucky for me I had made a full backup of everything as I would never of been able to get there data back from the company as they refused to speak to me. I had to find a new hosting company and fast so I started doing research straight away after staying awake for over 48 hours looking for a hosting company I finally found one I spoke with there support staff and explained what had happened with the other company and they were so helpful and spent the next 3 days helping me restore all my customers accounts on a new server I got from them, and even offer to provide support to my customers in my company name, I was over the moon with joy, I would just like to say a massive thank you to Kev from for all the professional help he gave to me.

So here is my second reason for writing this to tell everyone of the best webhosting company I have ever found and recommend to everyone what ever your needs speak with the friendliest people in webhosting over at they have my highest recommendation.

Helping you to find the best hosting package with all the features you need, such as CGI, PHP, MySQL, ASP, SSI, Ruby on Rails, FrontPage server extensions, and even Dedicated hosting.

They offer everything from dedicated servers, VPS, Windows and Linux, Cloud Hosting, shoutcast hosting and much more.

What if you are moving from another host? Let take care of complete moving process for you.

Free Domain Transfer
Free Website Transfer
Free File Transfers
Free Database Transfers
Free Script Transfers

They even offer a lifetime 30% discount if you move to them from another hosting company!

And they really do have 24/7 Live support.

If you are looking for the best web hosting with professional support and reliability then visit web hosting today for worry free hosting.


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