I for one am a total documentary film nerd and would whole heartedly choose one over the top grossing film of the year any day of the week. With that mind set I was recently introduced to a new website where I can watch tons and I mean tons of documentaries free of charge on my PC/iPad. Once I logged in for the first time, the first documentary that really jumped out at me was one with the title “MacHeads” and boy was it interesting. As an Apple fanboi myself I could not help but agree and be enthralled with the presentation of material in relation to the startup and continuation of the Apple product. At the end of the film however they made notions that Apple was trying to distance itself from what it once was and become nothing more than a conglomerate. Is this true? Well of course it is, and thats what Ill talk about today.

You see most companies and people start off humble and with a clear vision of what it is that they want to achieve. Depending on the product or the person they may also have a following of several hundred (or perhaps thousand) people that want to help them see that vision through to the end. Once the vision is reached however, the person or company usually forgets where it came from and goes on the merry way that they have paved for themselves, and thats exactly what Apple did. In the beginning it was all about Microsoft and IBM because they were the companies who had products that were being utilized by businesses. The Apple folks wanted to make machines for the creative folks however, and they did so very successfully and with much support from their followers. However as the years go by we realize that Apple has since forgotten about those early days and is now only in it for the almighty dollar. Developers having to spend months or even years developing applications for their platform only to lose 30% of their revenue when one of them sells. Computers, phones, tablets all being sold at just absurd prices, but hey can you blame them?

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The reality is that as long as people are willing to purchase these items from Apple for the prices they are demanding we will never see a cease and desist. I can only hope that whomever takes over for Steve Jobs someday at least keeps the vision alive and continues to create great products.

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