How to get FREE online traffic is a hotly contested debate. Free targeted traffic is the hardest part of online marketing. Most often you will need to use some sort of pay per view system to get traffic to your site. This can become very costly, if the conversion rates aren’t very good.

FREE TRAFFIC is equally hard to receive and convert to paying/buying customers. However, since FREE means free, this is the most sought after type of traffic.

I love to start with free traffic. You obviously must start with a website. The most common website these days are wordpress websites. WordPress websites are loved by the search engines if you use optimal tools. You should get these plugins for starters, All In One SEO pack, Sitemap xml are a must. All in one is so you can easily add titles, keywords, tags to your pages. Sitemap is so google and other search engines can index your website easier.

There are many things to remember about your webpages. You want your webpages to be relevant to your site. So keep little things like this in mind when creating pages. Once you create pages, you can also get pings at It’s simple, put in your blog heading and then your website in both boxes below. Even if you don’t have rss feed, you would still put in your webpage on this line. You can also add your rss feed at pingomatic as well. You can easily google, add to search engines, to have multiple ways to add your website to search engines. Or you can do this manually.

Video. Yes, video is a major source of traffic. You will want to get an account at YouTube, which is owned by Google. Youtube is 3rd as far as traffic goes on the internet. Even if you don’t have any videos, you should still get a channel. You may want to have a username, which is your channel name represent what you are doing. Of course you can always add another channel for another website if you prefer. I would suggest you obtain a video to add to your youtube channel. In the description, the 1st words may include your website url, this may lead a person who is viewing your video to your page. Organic traffic and you can put in tags, keywords on youtube videos and pages. You can do this when writing in your description for the video and/or channel.

These are lots of  tips when starting out. If you want more great details on other free traffic options, I would advise you to check out my FREE ebook, “Stop Struggling Now!” My ebook focuses on many FREE ways to build a web presence with free tools. Let’s face it, in todays economy, any real information you can obtain for free is awesome. If you are struggling, why buy expensive books and tools? Before doing this, get my ebook, then decide on your next move.

Social media is addressed in my ebook and you should address this immediately as well. You need your social real estate. You should create a twitter, myspace, facebook account if you haven’t already. There’s lots of other social media like linked in, stumbleupon, etc… You should also offer information on your website on your social media pages. On facebook, you should add a fan page. Incorporate twitter, facebook and other ways for traffic to follow you, is a must. You can use these methods to increase traffic and staying power to your websites. Keep your followers engaged with information often as you can. Don’t spam, but a daily or every other day message is a good rule of thumb. You can also have twitter, facebook and your blog/website incorporated so that when you make a post/page, all of your accounts tell your followers, fans, etc.. the same message and where to get further details. Automated for building traffic and links is the best way to go in my opinion. Don’t forget that good advice is often times shared with others, which can build additional free traffic to your blog or site.

There’s so much more than can go into building free traffic, but I do not want to give out a lot of information before you start with the basics. Action is the key to doing anything and being persistent will get you the results you need. Don’t give up because something doesn’t work in a day, week or even a month. Stay with it and stay the course. Anything worthwhile takes hard work, dedication and persistence. Learn more at



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