It is nothing secret that a lot of webmasters, article writers and some other people who want a top position on the search engines use spinners to generate tons of unique copies and distribute them around the net in hope that by putting their back links into the articles, their rankings may be better.

Seeing the explosion of searches for article spinners, those who are good in programming quickly saw a chance to make money and hurried to create all sorts of software which take an article and make it in multiple copies. If you have been around the net long enough, then you must have noticed that there are good and bad products alike and this is going to be the basis of this article.

We all know that as our fingers are not of the same length so are humans. Everybody is by birth endowed with certain talents. Some people are blessed with the ability to imitate others perfectly, some are talented with music, and sports etc while some have such talents that when they compose anything, it makes your head spin with awe. I am talking about those who are talented with writing here. Not everybody has the “thing” to write compelling articles which is the core fundamental of the popular internet saying – Content Is King.

The latest Google updates have made people to realize that what was the general practice of yesterday is no longer valid today. Websites dumped or even banned and all these due to poorly written content. If you write your own articles and noticed that your site fell due to bad content then I must say that probably it is not your fault. You just need to start to learn how to write quality articles.

Back To Spinners
Link building is getting tougher and tougher day in day out due to higher competition and the faster you create as many back links as possible to your site the better you have the chance to shoot to the top and generation unique articles from one is what many webmasters now use as their number one strategy. Take one article probably from a bunch of free PLRs, insert your links, spin and distribute and VOILA!

Spinning article makes it a lot easier than writing thousands of articles therefore spinners can come to your aid but this approach has its pros and cons.

If you spin your article well, it is hard to detect that is has been spun but if you do it carelessly then there are chances that your article will be rejected if you submit them to article directories and you will be lucky if your account is not deleted. The worst case of course is that search engine flag your articles and it will be your time wasted. If you want to spin your articles, make sure you do it well or hire somebody who knows to do it for you. There are services around the net which do it.

Even if English is your mother tongue and you have acquired a poor quality spinner software you may want to know that using such will make you equal to a person who has not gone to school.

For article spinning, you need high quality software for spinning, a good command of the language and some time to prepare your content. Whether you should use a spinner or not, it is your choice.

First, you may want to read how to write compelling articles in order to know how to write what search engine consider to be quality contents.

I have been using from time to time a piece of software for turning articles I pay ghost writers for, plug them into the software, perform a little task of preparation and I have readable, intelligible and a minimum of 80% unique articles. If you want to know which one I am talking about, . The video on the page shows you step by step actions of setting it up.



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