Article marketing has a good history ever since the internet came to be. If you are a person who follows the development of the internet then you will understand that it was initially intended to be a way of sharing information over distances. A guy in say Berlin will be able to communicate with another guy that is half the world away in just seconds. Documents are exchanged in no time at all.

Those were the late 80ties up to the middle 90ties but then everything has changed altogether. Then, it was just exchanging views until someone saw a way to make lots of money.

The Search Engines
Ever since the world began, man has always tend to obtain information as fast as he could. Things that were not accessible to the ordinary person suddenly became available and that online. Simply type in your topic of interest and Bingo there is a list of possible sources where you can learn more about the topic of your interest. Yahoo according to my experience was the first and worldwide acclaimed search engine at that time then came google which took over 30% of the market due to innovation. This topic might be a theme for discussion especially those who have felt the heavy hand of google on their online business.

From time to time, google tweaks its algorithm to make sure that surfers get quality information. The latest “Panda Update” is a clear evidence.

What does that mean?
If you want your pages to rank high on google, your content has to be of good quality. It is no longer the number of links that point to your web pages that count, it is the quality of where those links are coming from. This is the more reason why you need to make your articles with your links as good as you can and as readable(sensible) to readers.

Blogs have also become popular in . Set up a blog or blogs and in a few days, your blogs rank high driving tons of traffic to your sites because search engines love blogs.

To Sum Up
Write quality articles and you should be fine with search engines. If your articles become popular and rank high in the search engines, you may consider your article marketing a successful one.

If you are trying to use articles to boost your website rankings, make sure you submit quality articles to as well as blogs. The more articles you submit on different platforms, the greater are your chances.


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