It’s that time of the year when people will normally not delete messages before reading them or won’t hang up the phone before listening to the offer. This is the holiday time and a favorable time to pump up a little bit of your marketing schemes. It has been found that sales figures hike during this period of time by a considerable amount and a lot of the credit goes to the holiday time.

But for you do, you have to be proactive enough to draft a holiday marketing plan and lure your customers in just when the holiday season kicks off. Be it any product or any service – holiday marketing is a very in-thing.

There are many ways to ensure strong holiday marketing and the result is almost instant. You can see the sales figures at the end of the moth. When you do this during the holiday time you will understand the effect of your marketing plans within two to three months because people to whom you will reach out during this time will often not come to check out your product or service after six months.

Plan in advance

You must come up with a detailed plan for holiday marketing. You can’t just produce this kind of plan instantly only a day or two in advance. A marketing plan during the holidays could include gifts, coupons, rewards and a variety of other attention-grabbers. You have to design these things with minute care and then check out the feasibility of these projects.

Maintain connectivity throughout the year

You can’t just vanish from the scenario for the rest of the year, either. If that happens, then the customers will not pay you any attention when you pop up from nowhere again next year. So maintain a minimum connectivity throughout the year. Make sure that you are there in the mind of the customer at least several times throughout the year and not just trying to get their business during the holiday shopping season.

Target new customers along with the old

Holidays marketing plans often tend to overlook existing customers, whether you are marketing a local flower shop or you’re running your own ACN business. In an attempt to design new marketing ploys that increase business, many companies make the mistake of targeting only new customers. But it must be understood that existing customers form the customer base are very important and they should not be ignored.

Follow up – but moderately

Don’t annoy your new swarm of customers with constant follow ups. You shouldn’t message your customers so much that they are compelled to unsubscribe, yet following up is necessary. Using email marketing is a very tricky balance, but here’s a with tips to keep in mind.

Whenever a customer comes to your shop, you must welcome him cordially no matter whether he is making a purchase or not. Always take down his contact and maintain a moderate connectivity so that he feels the urge a second time to come to your shop.


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