Making blog is the passion of new generation associated with internet. As it has various advantages. The most wanted advantage is to generate the money from blog. Now a day it is very popular part time job for most of the blog writers. By writing something interesting which fascinate others visitors, can increase the traffic and you got money in response. Now a day a handsome number of businessmen are attracting towards blogs for the promotion of their products. They find the most popular blog and offer them to advertise their product and get paid. Keeping in view there is a need of promotion of your blog is very important for making it as a good source of earning money.

Blog commenting is not right way for Promotion

There are various techniques for the promotion of the blog popular now a day in the circle. One of them is get comments from the visitors of your blog about various threads and the material embedded in your blog. It is helpful techniques but not work properly all the time. A myth is spread among the blog owner that getting comments can raise the traffic of your blog tremendously. For the promotion of your blog the use of getting comments only is not a good idea. Relying only on the comments for the promotion of blog may lead to the bad rating or decrease of traffic on your blog.

For the promotion of your blog you should also think about other techniques like post some interesting articles which attract the visitors, award bonus to the regular visitors who refer some other Peoples also to your blog. Blog commenting is only a technique to increase the traffic and relying solely on it is not the complete picture of getting promotion of your blog.

Now a day the new blog writers enter in the field of blog writing with a very passionate way and on not getting proper traffic of visitors on their blog become disappoint and leave the blog within few weeks. Actually it takes some time to get popular among the visitors normally three months or some time more. After this time period they blogs may get the low traffic and with the passage of time and improvement in the blogs you can get the required traffic. Therefore be patience and confident about the promotion of your blog.

Try more and more interesting material on your blog to attract the visitors. Here I am giving some tips to get the promotion of your blog rapidly: Looking for  exam help? Let’s take advantage of Self Test Engine self paced  training and pass your IT exams on first try.

Other people’s work

Visit the other blogs to see the new techniques for making your blog interesting more and more. By getting some new ideas from other blogs you can improve the promotion of your blog.

Balance advertising

No doubt the advertising is the source of income of the blog but too much advertising irritate the regular visitor and make him annoy from your blog. This is not a good sign for promotion of your blog’s traffic. Therefore be moderate to put the advertisement on your blog. Allocate suitable portion for advertisement and not overload it.

Not Force much to the visitors to send comments

A very large number of blogs uses different way to force the visitors to get comments from them. This may cause visitor to get annoyed from your blog and also force them to leave your blog and shift to some other blog that do not force much on submitting comments.

Above are the few suggestions which can be used for the promotion of blog along with the getting comments.


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