We have all heard of Ebay and Amazon and many more ultra popular websites, well there is now one more website to add to the list. Fiverr.com – for those of you that have not heard of this site it is basically lots and lots of people selling services for $5. That is around about £3.16.

The services offered are very vast for example you can have someone in Italy send a postcard to a friend of yours, you could have someone propose on video to your girlfriend (obviously on your behalf, otherwise there would be no point in paying for that service). One of the most popular gigs (that is the Fiverr term for order) at the moment is for a man to dress in a banana suit and sing a song of your choice, they then send you the video.

Whether you choose to use this website for fun or for profit is completely up to you. Some people use it simply to have a laugh. They see what silly things that other people are willing to do on camera for $5. An increasing number of people are using this website for profit. There are two main routes you could go down:

1.       Find something that you have to offer that other people would want to buy. Whether this is singing, speaking, being funny etc the list is endless. Fiverr take $1 commission so you take $4 for each gig you sell. Basically I would find something that doesn’t cost you to complete and doesn’t take you too much time.

2.       Find a service that you would normally pay a fortune for and get the same service for $5. For example if you are interested in Search Engine Optimization, some companies charge thousands for their services. Fiverr.com have many amazing gigs that can help promote your website. These include the following two examples:

  • The most recent gig I ordered was where the person spun a PLR article relating to my niche and they then submitted it (with images!) to over 150 blogs. They sent me a spreadsheet of all the URLS so that I can see exactly what they have done and to top it all off, this person also pinged all the urls so many of them will be indexed in no time! I would normally have had to pay a fortune for a service like this in the ‘real world’. Here is the link if you want to see this gig – $5 blog post backlinks
  • The next best gig I have used was an audio service. Basically there is a Scottish girl with a nice speaking voice who will provide an audio file relating to your niche. For example I needed a voiceover to use on my website so I just sent her the script of what I wanted her to say and hey presto an audio file arrived in my Fiverr inbox in no time. Again, it would normally have cost me a fortune to hire someone to do a professional voiceover. To see this gig just check out this link – $5 Voice Over

Whether you are looking to save a fortune like me and or you are just looking for a laugh with your friends, it is well worth checking Fiverr.com out. This website is still in beta stage so I sometimes find it a bit slow but I have every faith that it will continue to improve and it will be the ‘next big thing’.


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