What is Google +1?

Google +1 is basically Google’s answer to the Facebook “like” button and it requires a Google account, it was released on June 1st 2011. The “+1″ button will appear along side search results for users to show they approve/like of the link. This button can also be added to your website itself, e.g. If a visitor likes a blog post you wrote, they can “+1″ it. The idea behind it was to allow users to give and recieve recommendations on products or websites. Recommendations by real people gives users a small sense of trust in that website or product.

Why Should I Be Bothered?

Is “+1″ going to become a huge thing? Who knows, but because this is Google we are talking about its going to become well known by the masses reasonably soon. Google +1 is pretty much a popularity contest on a worldwide scale, the more votes it gets, the more popular it is. Since Google is actively taking social aspects very seriously in its ranking, you can bet that +1 will have a positive effect on the SERP.

Furthermore, there was a recent experiment on SEOEffect.com, their was an experiment conducted on the use of Google +1. The conclusion was that their was approximately an 20% increase in rankings and a corresponding increase in CTR. The results that users had previously “+1″‘ also appear above the rest of search results in future searches, giving them increased visibility.

How Should I Use This To My Advantage?

Well firstly, along with Facebook “likes” and Twitter “follows”, you can include a link to +1 your website or individual news/blog posts. Further than this you can encourage people to +1 you using Social Media Channels. E.g. Make a tweet asking your followers if they would +1 your business, giving them a link.

This should be treated the same as any other Social Media “Popularity” button that you can include on your website, or on the associated social website. They are slowly becoming as important as backlinks are to SEO. Social Media should no longer take a back-seat while SEO takes the drivers seat. They should share equal importance in Internet Marketing.


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