If you are a budding internet marketer and you dream of having your keywords reach number 1 in Google then you need to check out Web2Mayhem. You know if your keywords are number one in Google you can start to see some serious cash. Many people start out thinking that it is practically impossible to get to the ‘dream position’ however Web2Mayhem make it seem simple.

Not only do they teach you some seriously competitive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that they offer you through an easy to use training system but they also give you use of their killer software which automates many of the time consuming tasks that are required to reach number one.

When you delve into the world of internet marketing you will quickly realise that time is money and that any time you can save getting one keyword to number 1 in the search engines means that you have spare time to start working on keywords 2 and 3. Remember that the quicker you optimize your site the quicker you start to see a monetary return.

The step by step training program offered by Web2Mayhem is absolutely priceless as not only does it give you thorough training on how to use the Web2Mayhem software effectively, it also gives you an indepth knowledge of SEO and the techniques you need to adopt to generate the most traffic to your website.

The software consists of the following:

  • Account Creator – this software will automate the account creation process for each of account types that you will require e.g. for article submission, rss feed, video submission.
  • RSS Announcer – this will submit RSS feeds to a large number of RSS Submission Sites (48 at last count)
  • Social Bookmarker – Automates submissions to social bookmarking sites (33 at last count)
  • Video Sharer – this allows you to post videos with backlinks to 17 video sites
  • Article Submitter – this will automatically submit your articles a variety of article directory sites including Ezine Articles and many more of the big names. This also allows for article spinning and nesting (if you don’t know what I mean by this then you really need to check Web2Mayhem out!)
  • Blog Poster – This automates blog posting to 17 custom made blogs (includes big sites such as blogger). Spinning is also supported.
  • PAD Submitter – This piece of kit shows you how to create your own Ebook and submit it with your backlink to hundreds of PAD Websites.
  • Podcast Broadcaster – This tool allows you to submit your podcasts with backlinks to various podcast directory sites.
  • Press Releaser – As the name suggests, this software will submit your press releases.
  • Directory Submitter – Coming soon
  • Ping.fm Account – creates accounts at sites used by ping.fm

As if the was not enough, W2M also gives you access to these fantastic tools and features:

  • Syndicate Kahuna – You can add your blog to the syndicated blog network and receive automated content. You choose which posts to keep and it can be keyword/niche related.
  • Another feature with the above, you could post your own content which includes your backlink. It will be posted on other people’s blogs.
  • Link Exchange – 5-100 n-way links. Two way link exchange principle with variables so not always 3 way.
  • PR5 Blog Networks – you will have access to the PR5 Blog networks
  • Web 2.0 Co-op  – you do tasks on other peoples web 2 properties and they do tasks on yours e.g. facebook likes, diggs etc. This is an amazingly powerful tool.
  • Tools include: Keyword Research tool, keyword manipulator tool, geography keyword tool, longtail generator tool, content spinner software, keyword corral, web page analyzer

Well if you have read all of the above you will understand why Web2mayhem is classed as the on the current market and why it is an absolute must for any aspiring internet marketer. If you are serious about making money with your websites you should check out Web2Mayhem.


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