The “Top 100 Writers” is an innovative idea to provide a top quality platform to its exclusive writers to raise their contents with the unlimited auto-approved access. The concept behind Top 100 Writers is to provide support to top 100 writers at a time. But why only 100 why not 1000? Ziv Shalev says that 100 writers are better than 1000 because if 1000 writers will post the articles, visitors of the site will have trouble with searching through the posts of all the writers. Also for delivering better quality stuff, 100 writers concept is a great idea.

The Top 100 Writers will have 100 writers maximum in compare to the other platforms so a writer will not have to compete with traffic and thousands of the writers on “link juice”. More a site will have writers, harder it will to make sure about the high-quality content posts. Therefore the concept of “Top 100 Writers” is built in such a way that the quality of content will get higher with the time.

The “Top 100 Writers” takes only 100 writers and there is no room for new writers and the joining process of is just through waiting list. Theoretically there is no room for new writers but new rotation starts every few days. In rotation, 10 worst writers are delisted from “Top 100 Writers” and 10 new writers are added to it from the waiting list. Every time the waiting list attains a certain size. Worst 20 writers get an email with information that 10 of them will be eliminated very soon. Only top 10 writers from waiting list are added to the list of author.

The people from waiting lists can also add their new posts but they will not be published. But adding new posts is very helpful when a writer is in waiting list. It increases the chances to be added as a new writer in the list of “Top 100 Writers”. Since Google loves this blog “Top 100 Writers”, the posts are indexed within few seconds. Many posts here get organic traffic from search engines in a few minutes after the publication. Since only 100 writers are included, the competitors will reside out.

The “Top 100 Writers” also offers a Top 100 Writers badge to its writers. This badge can be a way to show their visitors that they are a part of “Top 100 Writers”. The badge also shows the current rankings of a writer and he is an active writer. This badge can be used on the profile of writers by just copying and pasting the HTML code into their site. If any writer does not want to put his / her ranking on badge, they are free to remove it from badge by adding [&rank=remove] just after the [?user=yourusername].

First and last name of the writer appears on badge if they enter it in profile name else only user name will appear.

Over all “Top 100 Writers” blog is going to be an exclusive writer’s hub to offer real quality.

Crystal J. Briscoe



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