If you are the owner of a blog or site that releases regular updates and news about one distinctive subject area (for example news about share prices in the UK or news related to the latest green technology) then it is worth considering submitting your blog to Google News. Doing so can prove useful in a number of ways; firstly, it is a valuable marketing tool that will bring your site more readers and exposure as it is showcased via Google News to readers all over the world. Secondly, it helps you out in terms of SEO as the more readers you get from all over the world, the more the site will increase in popularity and the more links you will get, which will of course, massively improve your search rankings.


Of course, getting into Google News is not easy. Nothing in life ever is. Each and every application to get a site into Google News is reviewed manually (in other words is looked at by a human being rather than an algorithm) and most sites are turned down because their content is not of a high enough quality. In light of the recent Panda algorithm alteration it is an acknowledged truth in SEO circles that quality is constantly gaining in importance (as it always should) and that the days of building links and sites with rubbish content are nearly over. When it comes to applying to Google News this is even more true. The application form that you fill out is extremely detailed and you will need to dot every ‘I’ and cross every ‘T’. Do not even try to apply until you are absolutely certain that your site is well put together, contains a decent amount of content and is constantly updated. In addition, make certain of the following tips to help you get your application accepted.


(1) Top Quality News and Content – There really should be no need to repeat this but there is so much junk content on the web that it is imperative that your site does not add to that junk. If you want to get in Google News, all you need to do is write the very highest quality content, make sure it is original, new and that people will want to read it. If your articles fulfill these criteria then people will come to your site and Google News will want to add you to their feed.


(2) Appearance and Navigation – Your blog or website should be well designed and laid out, easy to navigate and should make very clear to the reader what topic, niche or industry the news from the site will relate to. As well as this, you should try to make sure it is updated a minimum of three or four times a week with contemporary articles and news.


(3) Easily Accessible – In addition to being well laid out, Google News likes a site to have clear and easy to find pages labeled ‘Contact Us’ and ‘About Us’ which will provide users with all the necessary information about the blog, company or news organization who run the site and which will provide Google News with a contact point to discuss anything to do with the site or the site content.


(4) Multiple Contributors – Google News like to see a number of contributors to the site, indicating that it is a popular site and has a decent following and a decent output. To help your application make sure there are a few people listed in the ‘Contributors’ section


(5) Make Sure You Tag All Images – Optimizing images associated with your articles is good practice anyway, but having images with every article, set up with the correct ‘alt’ and ‘title’ tags, is also a sign of a well run and well designed site for Google News.


(6) Format Your Articles Correctly – Ensure that every article on the site has the date of publication, the name of the author and the correct category of classification. In addition, try and see if you can give every article a good hook in the headline to entice readers to click and read. Make sure the title is no more than around 15 or 20 words and encourage your readers to comment on articles.


(7) Be Polite and Honest – When you apply, make sure your application is well written and polite, and tell the truth in answer to every question. If you are rejected at first, find out what was wrong and don’t complain. Fix what needs fixing and then reapply.





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