If you’ve been trying to get traffic to your website or blog or attempting to rank it better in search engines such as Google then chances are you have come across the term “SEO”; but what is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. It essentially means optimizing your site to rank better in search engine results for your desired keywords or phrases. The vast majority will click the first result in Google after a search and 90% of folks will simply try a new search rather than move on to the second page, which is why understanding SEO is so important to your success online.

There are two primary types of SEO which have coined the terms “onsite SEO” and “offsite SEO”, each is quite important to your overall search engine optimization strategy.

Onsite SEO is things that you do on your web page to make it more relevant to your targeted search phrases.

This includes using a title and META description that have these search phrases/keywords in them. Also important is to keep your content on topic and use these keywords in a recommended 3%-5% density (3-5 times per 100 words) across the text on your website.

Another important factor with onsite SEO is your website itself. You want to have plenty of links, blogs do this well naturally, from one page to the next to allow search engine spiders to easily find and index all of your pages. You also want to continually add new content, search engines love regularly updated content – especially if it written by you and unique!

Offsite is an equally important part of ranking your website/page higher in search engine results.

The main aspect of offsite SEO is . A backlink is a link on a website, not your website, which point to your site. The basic idea here is that if people are linking to you it must be because they are talking about you; and the more people talking about you would indicate that you are more of an authority on your topic/niche.

The most popular ways to get backlinks are by forum profile creation and blog commenting but you may also consider link exchanges and paid links.

Hopefully now you have a somewhat better understanding of what this elusive SEO term means and how you can benefit from the practices associated with it.


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