Usage of Google algorithm by SEO Companies

According to the present scenario the competition between the SEO companies is increasing day by day as because of the new technologies and algorithms are entering in this field for the upgradation. Because of this competitive analysis all the SEO companies should be familiar regarding the updated Google algorithm is being concerned. Knowing about the Google algorithm will lead to the great optimized solution for taking their company to the high position. Nowadays online marketing is turning to the big boom as the business strategies are being concerned. While starting your business the basic need for providing the services is the online marketing which deals with all the favorable requirements regarding the customer’s perspective. While starting your business firstly you to hire one of the SEO Company which gives the direction about how the online marketing is being processed and is useful for the business perspective. The company should be aware of all the updated algorithm and technology which can be effective for the business.

The Google algorithm is the main source of getting the more and more visitors by acquiring all sites information and by getting the link with Google automatically many visitors and through this the company can acquire the better search result and position.

SEO rules regarding Google algorithm

  • HTML is size regarding the page size should be of limited size.
  • Background color with colored text.
  • Text should be of limited size with font size smaller than 4 pixels.
  • No repetition of keywords many times in the text.
  • All the HTML tags should be implemented in the report.
  • Use of frames is also reported in the text.
  • External and internal JavaScript and VBScript is also being used regarding the script tag is concerned.
  • Title tag is also being used in the title of the webpage.
  • According to the area of the web page the keyword frequency, keyword weight and keyword prominence also plays the major role.
  • META tags are also being implemented according to the content of the webpage.
  • All the HTML tags should be used according to the webpage content.
  • Links are being implemented about with the search engines are aware of.
  • Directories are being created for placing their related content web pages in it.
  • Regarding the density report is concerned as the more words that are used more better the content will look.
  • Ranks are being decided related to the given links.

Changes regarding the Google algorithm as the last SEO updates in 2011 is concerned

 Announcement of the new series of algorithm is being done. Few changes are being progressed related to the other sites and the new technology. They are trying to be more transparent as to deal directly with the changes without guessing. You can refer to the related sites for the full updated list

Important trick for Google SEO

Alt Attribute: This helps to target the keywords on your webpage. This attribute is being implemented with the usage of HTML tags. By using the Alt Attribute the website can be ranked in the search engine.

By acquiring all the rules used in the Google algorithm the direction can be decided as per the new series of Google algorithm are providing different changes according to the changing new technologies.

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