For small businesses or individuals that are just starting out can utilize the power of the internet as an effective tool to market and advertise their products and services by the means of putting up a company website. Unlike traditional media like television, radio and print, the internet is more affordable and financially viable way to get your company, product or service noticed by the online market. Unless your product is computer or internet related your most probably are not aware that small companies or startups that have websites depend on search engines for majority of the traffic that is directed to its site. This means your company websites’ success lays on the search engines’ ranking of your website based on keywords used in a search that relates to your website.

Search engine optimization or SEO is what is needed for a websites chance of rising in rank to increase and get noticed. Search engines used yet undetermined algorithms to determine rank but it is known that search engines like Google, and Yahoo also use the number of relevant back links that a website has. Back links are articles, blogs or sites that link back to a website. Search engines use this partly as a basis for determining your status as an “authority” on the subject or keywords used in a search.

SEO has to be incorporated into a website from its conception. Planning and designing your website has to search engine optimized, informatively precise and user friendly.

Browser windows in a website are opened based on the theory that it keeps users on their site, this may be true but it also can do the opposite. Browser windows disable the “back” button which does not allow you to go back to the previous site you were on. Often time’s users do not even notice that a new window was opened and when they try to revert back they get confused and just leave the sight altogether. This is very common with users that are 40 years old and above as they have a hard time viewing the disabled back button and get frustrated thus making them to move of to a different site.

Companies that offer services for small business London website design service are aware on how to address this common mistake and equip a website to be search engine optimized which can make a lot of difference once your site is launched and have greater chances for faster results in higher search engine ranking.



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