Quick guide to a Squidoo lens in Google.

Squidoo lenses are becoming more and more popular as webmasters are discovering the full power of high pr do-follow links from an authority’s source.

When ranking a Squidoo page there are two types of rank to think of, internal rank & search engine rank. In this article I will talk about getting your Squidoo page to rank well in the search engines (such as Google).

1. Create informative keyword titles to your lens. Research keywords using the Google adwords keyword tool to see how popular and competitive they are. If they are appropriate, add them into your lenses title.

2. Add your keywords into your article, but don’t overdo it, this could cause a negative seo effect due to keyword spamming.

3. Add your lens to other relevant lenses, consider swapping links with the authors,

4. Link to your lens from external sites such as blogs, directories and personal sites with your link in anchor tags.

5. Submit your lens to social bookmarking sites such as , stumble upon or reddit. These are great sources of links (some dofollow) and traffic.


These search engine optimisation methods also work on a variety of external pages, such as content hubs, ebay pages & external blog posting.

Getting your page to number one using an authority site will normally be easier than putting it on your own site, plus they are more likely to have a larger amount of in site traffic (which could be converted).

To monetize your squidoo lens consider adding affiliate links & pay per click adverts. Squidoo provides amazon affiliate boxes with pre-designated links in them, you get a percentage of the commission from these sales. If you are a member of an external affiliate program provider such as commission junction, affiliate window or trade doubler would could insert your own adverts into the page, leading to a higher revenue share for you. You don’t have to monetize your squidoo page but it is always nice to have a little bit of extra beer money for doing nothing extra.

This quick guide was written by UK seo consultant ; seogenius.co.uk




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