So, I have had my site up for about 1 year. I figured – hey just throw my site up and people will find me, do some email blasts,  put my site on a few directories, and poof people will flock to me.

How wrong I was!!! I just checked back through my monthly visits to my site. I am in an industry with some strong competition, and in the beginning I was getting about 8 hits a day to my site.  Not exactly enough to bring in the traffic I needed to get me the flow of work to actually make some money.

So one day, I get an email about SEO from a company. Figured id hear their sales pitch, and then came the …..”well for just $5000 we will get your rankings in the top 10″. So not really understanding SEO, and how it works, but knowing enough that the 1st page on google will get me the traffic needed, i decided for just $500 a month it would be worth it.

Im hearing that you must do everything manually, and mass linking and posting hurt your rankings. I am here to argue that point!!

30 days ago I had 55 of my 380 (i know thats a lot) of keywords in the top 10 in google. I am happy to say, after deciding to go with the mass link building, the profile blasts and several other SEO tools, I now have 129 of my 380 keywords in the top 10, with 230 of them (vs 96 30 days ago) in the top 30!!

I am not here to bash the way people do things, I just think that while doing things manually looks much more natural, I have tried both, and can tell you I have gotten a major boost in my rankings going with the mass building, non manual way.

Not to say this will work for everyone, which I hope for your niche it does. I will continue to go at this rate until I can get all 380 (yes im crazy and I want to dominate my niche), keywords in the top ten and onto page one!! I hope that I can continue to update you on my SEO journey and comments are appreciated.




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