How Profile Linking Should be Done


Web Design Best Practices

Web Design Best Practices


One of the most popular backlinking techniques that have arisen in recent years is that of profile linking.  This is a basic concept that has been taken into a fine art in some areas, though many others have turned it into complete spam.


The concept itself is simple – you create a profile on one of many web 2.0 properties that abound on the Internet, usually a web forum.  This profile you create almost always allows one or more links out, often with the ability for you to add your own anchor text.


As you can imagine this allows for a lot of spamming – people just sign up to as many forums as they can, add their links and move on to the next one.  Or even more common they get a piece of software to do it.  Which is quite simply spam.


How Profile Linking Should be Done


Profiles are most powerful when they are linked to themselves, and so properly indexed.  And the way of doing that is by posting in a forum.  If you are allowed links in the signature file then this also creates more links form within the forum.


This means posting is something of a must, making the links more powerful and adding more.  So you should be looking to make these posts of quality, adding something to the forum you are using and not just spamming it.




The key is to find forums in your niche so that the links you get are as relevant as possible.  And the way to do this is by using the footprint left by software.


Let us say, for example, you want to find forums that talk about Pokemon.  We know that vBulletin is a popular forum software, and that almost all forum installations use “powered by vBulletin” in the footer.


So we Google ‘powered by vBulletin’ and Pokemon, and then use the results to create profiles and backlinks to our sites


Profile linking should only ever be used under Google’s “best practices” webmaster guidelines and should never be abused or used with malicious intent.  Make sure you know what you are doing beforehand.  For more information about Los Angeles web design please follow this link.  Cheers



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