Google uses links to calculate authority of the webpage. If google spider i.e. crawler is been attracted by any link from other page, then this soft reference this link to rank the webpage and decides the relevancy of the webpage for search results, in turn it helps to increase the importance of the webpage. If any page has many links from organic and high authority sites linking to that webpage, then there is good chance of consideration for that webpage as a high authority. Though it is very good but it is very complicated that this and complications leads to an endless arguments in various forums and source demoralization for the website owner or website SEO. In this article you will find many good techniques and methods ensuring you to spend your time in such link building that matters and helps to rank website higher.

Importance of Links :

It is not really difficult to understand why the links are important, just consider links are considered as votes for that sites generated from others. Just like happen in any election it’s kind similar in link building also. If you are securing more links than other competitor websites then your site will get more success than other sites and you will find your site is ranking higher than your competitors sites. But search engine has some different policies here is the time of confusion arises.

Every link is not Equal :

There is something different scenario of weight-age of each link. Just getting links from any site is not considered as equal. Search engine deliberate each link with pagerank, relevancy, keyword etc. While getting your link webmaster has to consider all these things. At the same time it’s not ideal to get 1000 links at time just as you read number links determines search engine ranking, No. Depending upon the competition of the keyword and other people generating link you have to plan out your link building plan.

How To Build Right Links :

There are some fellows who think any link is worth, it might be right. But here we have to understand that all the links don’t have same importance, link should be taken in such as way that it would create much bigger impact on the website than other people doing. Then how do you get right links that carry maximum weight-age ? Though it looks very simple but it’s not. It will require your thorough research about your website area, planning for each month, creativity behind the techniques your going to apply and last but not the list your hard work, that’s it. Just make sure search engine do not consider it as a spam link.

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