How many times you have heard the term ’blog’ and wondered how different it is than a regular website?  Well there is a world of difference between the two. A website is a set of pages online that is made to provide you with services that can either be free or has to be purchased. Blogs are a part of those websites. They are different from those other parts and pages of a website as that is the part that needs to be updated on regular intervals with new content. These blogs are updated by usually a single person who aims to share certain information with people online and also hopes those people respond back with their opinions and feedbacks.

Promoting Blogs

Blog promotion strategies aren’t that different from other website promotion techniques. The content of blogs should be interesting enough to keep the people coming back. Also the look and design should also attract the people. Using backlinks will also lead people straight to your blog and the more backlinks that you have created the more the traffic will be led to your blog. Of all these strategies, the most effective perhaps is using the keyword approach.

Using the right keywords

Using the right keywords is perhaps one of the most effective blog promoting techniques today. The thing with blogs is that when you keep updating your blog, the main worry you have is that you need to be sure that you are attracting traffic. Maintaining a blog is a lot of hard work as new and up to date information needs to be loaded and the content requires a lot feedback from the people.  Hence to avoid for such hard work to go to waste, one can use the keyword technique to get leads to his blog. One of the main ways of using the keyword approach is to use the relevant keywords. This will ensure that it turns up in an online search. Also to keep in mind that one should not use too much of technical vocabularies as people don’t use such language when searching. It is always a good idea to keep it simple.

Another approach is to first do some research. One can go to the more famous and popular blogs and see their style and formats of writings and then compare their work to his. This way he can see what keywords they use and where. That ensures their success in turning up on search results online. Using keywords that are similar to those throughout your blog (be it in heading, subheading or even content) will lead to you attracting a lot of traffic. One of the simplest ways to go about it is to Google a blog that features the topic similar to your blog. Then one can look at the blog that turns up on the top as that is the blog that is ranked highest by Google. Using keywords similar to that blog in your own blog will ensure that when someone searches for that topic online your blog turns up somewhere on the top.

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