This post is going to explain about a simple, but effective test we’re carrying out, a test to see how long it takes to get a page ranked in Google, for a specific keyword.

Ranking SEO Coventry, the introduction.


The thought behind this is two-fold, firstly, we wouldn’t mind the SERPS position of 1st for SEO Coventry, it’s in our Niche, local and not terribly competitive and secondly, we really would like to know how long it takes to get a page not only into the index and on the front page, but how long it will then stay there, unaided. Well, unaided by me anyway.

I’m going to give a super quick run-down on the plan.

SEO Coventry - Website ScreenshotPlanning SEO Coventry, How, What and When.

OK, we’re using a brand new domain, not an exact match, but relevant, you can follow the link to the site itself at the bottom of this post.

We’ve installed WordPress on the above domain, and chucked it onto a simple shared hosting plan,  plus we’ve customised the theme, well, blanked it, then added some relevant content to the homepage.

We’ve done the usual bits and bobs, Meta Tags, Some external links to authority sites, Google is one of them.

For the target keyword we’ve placed a 1000 word custom written, keyword targeted article in a single post. We’ve used a smattering of Bold and Italics, not loads though, but we did make good use of the <heading-tags> throughout.

Some pictures, and few links, internal and external.

We used custom Meta Tags for the Post:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords

The whole thing was let loose on the internet at about midnight on the 30th April, GMT, cause we’re English.

Page Statistics for SEO Coventry – A Telling story.

OK, SEO Coventry was the target keyword, I took some page statistics after we’d finished, just for records sake. The first shows the Meta Information for the page and the more specific linkink, authority and age information below. Note the main target keyword: SEO Coventry is in all 3 Meta Tags. Don’t let anyone tell you they dont matter, they do, all of them.

SEO Coventry Page Statistics

The next image shows the actual keyword density on the page, obviously we didn’t want to place the keyword too many times, that’s keyword stuffing and not at all good.

SEO Coventry Keyword Density

We ended up at 3.72% on a page with 1100 words, awesome. So now the proof is in the pudding, will the post rank on the front page of Google, the UK site, for the search term SEO Coventry by Midnight on the 1st May 2012?

Pop back and see in a couple of days, I’ll post up the results on a follow up post.


If you visit the site and feel you’ve perhaps learnt something, then click one of the social links and tell someone else, that’s what makes the world go round. But only if you REALLY liked it.

Toodle Pip…



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