googleWell, looky here! Last week Google released a new tool into their Labs arsenal called Google Correlate. According to the almighty Goog, this is meant to be the opposite of Google Trends. With Google Trends you can see the search queries that are the hottest every hour of every day. Google Correlate, however, lets you look at keywords over time and within specific (US) states and will show you other search terms that have the same pattern as the term that you entered.

Now there’s a lot of fancy schmancy statitistics stuff that goes into getting this data; this tool even lets you upload your own data if you sign into your Google account. For someone like me, I’m not all that excited about the math behind it and don’t care too much about learning what the Pearson Correlation Coefficient is. I don’t want to take the time to find out what the numbers mean so that’s all I’m really going to get into for that. That may sound ignorant but I’m just not a numbers person. I leave that stuff up to my brother who is almost finished with his PhD in Theoretical Statistics. He got all the math brains.

The one piece I will leave you with is that correlation is not causation, which basically means that even though keyword A has a similar pattern to keyword B, keyword A does not cause keyword B.

OK, enough math!

I am looking at Google Correlate as another potential keyword tool to put into my belt. It’s interesting to see the keywords that have similar patterns over time as the keyword phrase that’s entered. For example, lets look at “destination wedding”:


The search terms that Google gives back to me, again, are terms that have the same patterns as “destination wedding” over time. But what I take from this is some great ideas for articles to submit or pages to add to my destination weddings website.  I can write about destination wedding dresses, cost-effective destination weddings, the best times of the year to have a destination wedding, and destination wedding bridesmaid dresses.

I know that this isn’t really earth-shattering but I thought it might be helpful to some of you out there looking for keyword targets to explore. On an interesting note, in exploring and credit card processing, there were phrases that correlated with online merchant accounts. Off to write some articles!

You can find Google Correlate at:


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