When most people hear the words “blogger” they only have a vague understanding of what that is and they do not understand how bloggers actually make money. So, let’s look at what it is and how you can turn a profit from a blog.

What is Blogging?

First of all, what is blogging? A blog is a cross between a journal and a website. Each blog entry you make appears on the homepage of your blog and gets pushed to the side as you write more and more pages. If people like what you write they can follow you and get emailed every time you create a new post.

That is what a blog is, now how can you make money from it?

Three Ways to Make Money With Your Blog

Making money blogging is actually pretty easy as long as you have enough people coming to your blog on a daily basis. Once you have traffic you can turn that traffic into money in three different ways.

1. Ads on Your Blog

The most common way of making money from a blog is by putting ads on your blog. The easiest way to get started with this is to join a major ad network like Google Adsense or Chikita.

Different ad networks work differently, but there are three major types of networks. The first is CPM ad networks which pay you based on how many people actually see the ad. This is similar to how companies will buy billboard space based off of how many people are going to see the billboard.

The second type of ad networks follow the CPC model. With these ads people not only need to see the ads, but they also have to click on the ads in order for you to make money with it.

If you have highly targeted traffic and people are clicking on the ads this can be more profitable then CPM networks. If they are not clicking on the ads then it will be less profitable then CPM so you have to use your own judgment to determine how targeted your visitors really are. Are they coming to your site from search engine searches and really interested in your topic? Or are they coming to your site from social bookmarketing searches and are just looking for something cool and not really interested in learning more?

The final ad type is the CPA ads. These are ads where the person not only has to click on the ads, but they also have to buy the product or sign up for the newsletter on the advertiser’s site for you to get paid. Again it depends on how well the ads will convert to determine if it will make you any money or not.

If you are unsure of which ad type to ad to your blog you can always tweak and test them out to see which one is the most profitable for you. But remember you got to focus on getting readers to your blog first otherwise you won’t make much money no matter what you do.

2. A Review Blog

A second way that you can make money with your blog is to simply start a review blog. With a review blog you review different products, whether they be books, software, computers, hunting goods, or whatever and place affiliate links to other websites where your readers can go buy the product at.

With this model you would get paid every time someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product. The key to making this work is to develop trust with your readers by actually giving out honest reviews. If you give out honest reviews then your readers will be much more likely to buy something that you recommend because they know you are not just recommending it because you want a commission, but because you have actually tried the product out yourself and you know that it works.

3. Blogging for Traffic

Blogging for traffic is another way you can use a blog to make money. Online stores and sales pages can be hard to actually get traffic to. Blogs on the other hand are very search engine friendly and can attract a huge number of readers.

That is why one of the most effective ways to use a blog is to advertise a business that you already have in place. If you have a business “designing websites” for instance you can create a blog attract eyeballs to your business and then link to your sales page from your blog.

That way you build trust and credibility with the blog and then as people read what you have to write they will be more likely to buy your products.

In short there are a lot of ways to become a blogger and make money from your blog. All you need is time to build your business is the time and determination to succeed.



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