You may have heard of article marketing as a way of doing SEO for your website. But you probably have some questions like, what is it? How can I get the most out of it? And does it really work? Well hopefully I will answer some of your questions on this article marketing guide.

What is Article Marketing?

Article marketing involves you writing an article for another site, blog or article directory and linking back to your main site through that article. Everybody wins in a situation like this. You get a link back to your site and the site you are writing for gets some unique content on their site.

As you write more and more articles for other sites you get more and more backlinks to your site and that increases your rankings in the search engine also as a side benefit you can get some traffic directly from the sites you are writing for as well, which is great.

How Can I Get The Most Out Of Article Marketing?

The more you do article marketing the more power you will see from it. But here are 3 that can really explode your results.

1. Write For A Variety of Places

The search engines like to see that your backlinks are coming from a variety of places. It doesn’t look natural if all your backlinks are coming from 1 article directory and nothing else. 100 backlinks from 100 websites is more powerful than 100 backlinks from the same website.

2. Get “In Content” Links

Most article directories let you place a backlink to your site at the end of their article. The big search engines know this and there is some speculation that a link at the end of an article is devalued a little bit as a result.
Links that are in the middle of a paragraph just look more natural and as a result they count a lot more in the eyes of the search engines. So, if you can get an “in content” link it is in your best interest to do so.

3. Use Anchor Text

The last tip is to use anchor text. When I was first getting into article marketing I just linked to my websites with plain URLs. The problem with plain URLs is that they do not tell the search engines what to rank your site for.
Now if you are use the anchor text “brown paper bags” when linking to your site the search engines know that your site is about “brown paper bags” and you will get bonus point for that keyword. Of course the search engines can tell what your site is about by reading your page, but they like to have some confirmation from a third party. They get this confirmation through anchor text links.

Does it Work?

Now this sounds all fine and dandy, but does it work? Can you really get higher rankings in the search engines with article marketing? Yes, if you follow my article marketing guide you can get more traffic to your website and higher rankings in the search engines.

The only thing you need to remember is that it is a numbers game. One article just won’t do it anymore. But if you do it consistently it will add up over time. As you write more and more articles you get more and more backlinks and traffic to your websites. If you get into the habit of writing articles on a regular basis you will be amazed at where it takes you.




  1. wygk wygk says:

    The recent changes to Google’s algorithms (the “Panda” release) is intended to lower the position of content farms and duplicate content. As a result, sites that pick up syndicated articles will now carry much less link weight.

    Article marketing was always a rather dubious, fringe SEO technique. Now it’s just a waste of time.

  2. Shaun says:

    Article marketing is not dead and anyone who claims that it is has either never tried it or gave up before they started to see results.

    The only thing that the new update did was to stop you from publishing the same article on 100 sites and expecting to rank all of those 100 sites well.

    That has no effect on the sites they are linking to nor does it have any effect on high quality content that is not sent to 100s of sites.