For internet marketers it is very important to become skilled in search engine optimization (SEO) ranking techniques.

A lot of people have the attitude that since they only want to advertise using paid methods they can just avoid this whole area of study but that is simply not the case.

Learning SEO is a vital part of your education if you’re looking to make money online. And a skill set that will serve you well for years to come.

In very basic terms SEO is mainly revolving around keywords. So when you start a campaign the first thing is to get your keywords. Depending on your niche and competition this can be quite complicated but a lesson for another day.

Essentially you want to pick keywords that have adequate search volume but manageable competition. Once you have these you can start building your websites whether this is on a free platform or your own site, it makes no difference.

There are two basic type of SEO: On page and off page.

The scope of this article is to cover on page optimization and how it can impact your rankings and therefore traffic and eventually your sales.

The first thing needed for full on page optimization is having your targeted keyword in your URL. This is your web address. So if you can get an exact match domain that is ideal. For example…if you are targeting the keyword “swim goggles” then would be an exact match domain.

This is not always possible, especially in higher competition niches so you might have to get creative here. As long as it has your root keyword it will help you. If you are using a free platform like Blogger or Hubpages you can still accomplish this when naming your pages.

Same thing goes with making profiles on high authority sites — aim to get your main keyword as your username, as this generally ends up representing the permalink where that profile can be found.

Here’s an example of that: ClickBank Auto Profits (my Instructables profile page, where I’ve strategically chosen my username to represent a couple of pages I’m trying to rank for).

You do have some control over what your URL will be and should take advantage.

The second important component is your title. So if this is a page on your blog you want the title to have the keyword in it as well. This is pretty straightforward.

Third is the description and this is just the part that people see when your site comes up in the search engine so you want to make sure you have your keywords here as well.

Usually it is like 70 characters or less that will show so it has to be interesting, to the point, and have your keyword. Kind of a tall order so get creative here again.

Headings are also important so you want to get your keyword in here as well.

Ideally you want all four of these areas to have your keyword and to also use it in your content to get the most bang for your buck.

But also remember the goal is not to keyword stuff your content because that will only hurt your rankings because Google will see that as spam.

Brad Campbell is a ClickBank Auto Profits Review expert, affiliate marketing coach and real-life super affiliate.


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