When choosing who to provide your businesses SEO, you often will not be sure which way to turn. There are positives and negatives of each and the task of making the decision that effects your businesses online success is a daunting one. Digital agencies have large portfolios from a variety of clients, pure SEO companies have examples of previous success and Freelancers often come with great, word-of-mouth recommendations. What you need to decide is what you will feel most comfortable with and which suits your business type best. However, my personal opinion is that a freelancer has many benefits that none of the others have, here are my reason: -

  1. Freelancers love what they do, and for that, do it well. When you enjoy your job and have a personal interest in your field of work, you are going to enjoy learning and reading about it for your own enjoyment.
  2. Freelancers keep up to date with the latest search trends and inside SEO information, this provides a very knowledgeable, current SEO expert.
  3. Freelancers don’t have to pay large business overheads, with no staff or massive bills, it means freelancers can charge you are much better rates. These rates offer you the best value for money, not just a cheaper price for a poorer service.
  4. A freelancer can give you a more personal experience when running your SEO campaign. In some businesses offering SEO services, you will find yourself speaking to a number of different people and never building a good business relationship with anyone.
  5. Freelancers cut out the middle man. When contracting a larger SEO company to do your work, you will often have to speak to several different people before you can get your answer, often never speaking to the person who is actually doing the work for you. This can be frustrating, whereas a freelancer is the project manager, receptionist, SEO expert and tea boy all in one.
  6. A freelancer will genuinely care about the success of your businesses SEO. Not only will the majority of freelancers have a passion for what they do. It is also their personal reputation on the line if they should fail.
  7. Freelancers will give you more flexibility in the SEO work and payment side of things. As they don’t always have strict business policy, it means that they are easier to work with.

Freelancers are a great choice for SEO work, but you should always sum up all the positives and negatives of each before making your decision. You can read this article about , which gives you a good overview of all the different sources for SEO.

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