The Facebook Page feature has contributed to make the world’s most popular social network a must-have tool in the business world. Irrespective of their size, location and resources, businesses and website or blog owners are rushing to create a corresponding Facebook Page. With the social network making an insanely huge audience easily accessible and the role played in search due to Facebook’s recent partnership with Bing, it makes sense that having a Facebook Page is now as important as having a contact email for a business.

Unfortunately, it is also too easy to mess things up. The effectiveness of a tool ultimately depends on how you are using it and the now insanely popular Facebook Page feature is no different. There are many mistakes people keep doing with respect to their Facebook Page. This article lists the three main mistakes that too many people are doing and that you should avoid if you want to maximize the effectiveness of having such a page in the first place.

Not using a custom tab

Look around on Facebook and you will notice that the vast majority of Facebook pages use great designs with a lot of emphasis paid to the Like button. This is done via the custom tab, which is a feature that comes by default with any page you create. Sadly, there are still people using Facebook pages that do not take advantage of this exciting customization feature.

The fact remains that the other preset tabs offered by Facebook make poor landing pages and do not have a proper call to action (in the case of Facebook, this call to action obviously involves liking that particular page). The Information tab is too exhaustive and the Wall tab looks like a no-entry zone as users cannot interact with it without first Liking the page. As such, it is essential to have a custom tab that will both impress your visitors and convince them to click Like.

Restricting posting privileges

Another popular mistake is people preventing users from posting on their walls and restricting this privilege to administrators and preapproved users (usually, people they know and trust). However, this goes beyond the whole concept of Facebook, which relies exclusively on User Generated Content as a Web 2.0 platform.

By preventing users who have already liked your page from posting on it, you are basically removing the incentives for them to continue liking your page and thus visit it. You are also losing out on tons of content that could potentially make your Facebook Page really popular within their own cliques. It is true that there are users who will spam your page but these can be easily moderated and does not truthfully require as much resources as you may have been led to believe.

Having no pictures on your Facebook page

The third mistake you must absolutely avoid is not adding any picture to your Facebook page. Obviously, text updates are great and necessary to keep your page healthy, but pictures are equally important to maintain your page’s “freshness rating”. There is a reason why Facebook makes such a huge deal about its image and album options and not using them at all is a huge mistake. People love looking at pictures and are always more likely to share pictures with their contacts. This alone demonstrates the importance of adding as many relevant images as possible to your page and organizing them in albums where possible.

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