renegade millionaireIt is a crazy how people come up with the most ridiculous ideas to advertise products to others, but more amazingly is that people actually fall for these advertisements. Every day we fall for these advertisements and we have something to say about these adds.

There are so many different kinds of adds, that it is hard to distinguish a real add from a hidden add. Advertising has become so common that we actually start listening, reading and seeing them as a common reading book, video or poster. Nowadays with the Internet, which is today’s virtual market square, the idea of doing guerilla marketing is not so bad.

There are millions of people every day on the search engines or on web2.0 sites chatting, emailing, linking and swopping ideas, products, opinions and as well advertisement. The idea of sending a brochure or a folder is way old that it actually no longer works. IF it is done incorrectly that is.

Dan Kennedy and his team still believe that it is possible to conduct a brochure direct mailing system, if all aspects of the chosen target audience has been taken in to consideration. Reading just a free course about magnetic marketing is just phenomenal how a plumber can come up with such a brilliant plan. It is obvious that when I made one good job and your happy about it, that you can open up a complete target demographic around that one person. If they are a member of a group, that specific group becomes your target audience and you can create a tailored promotion campaign around it.

That is a fantastic idea to combine word of mouth marketing, which is in my eyes still the best advertisement after internet viral word through click. How people get to know you? Get them to talk about you.

It is just really important that when using direct mail to make sure the recipient reads the letter and gains your attention about what it is you sell. The concentration time span is about 10 seconds from opening the mail to tossing it in to the garbage can.  If you think it works like that in America, rest assured that all of the western world works like this. That is what happens with over advertisement.

A True Renegade Millionaire Understands Mindset

The issue is to get information across to people and it has to catch their attention at the right time at the right moment. It is easier said than done to make people think about what you wrote and how it would apply to them.

The whole idea behind this way of direct mail marketing is to associate with the potential buyer and to make them believe it is coming from a friend rather than an unknown person.

Linking all this back to recession made is that even in a recession people can become rich and famous, just by following and executing the plan to the smallest of details. Not a single detail is allowed to be forgotten or the smallest of mistakes is allowed in this era. It has to be spot on otherwise the whole advertisement is worthless.

Just look at yourself when sitting in the sofa and watching television. Just count the amount of times you will zapp until you have zapped away all the infomercials and commercials before you can look your favorite program again. Is it working? Do they have your attention? Do they interest you? Does the advertisement therefore work? Probably not, but the thing is, they make you aware of what you still need to do, washing, cleaning, arranging your insurances, taking care of your health, go sport, you name it.

But every time you see such a commercial you will connect that name to that activity so by the time you’re finally up to do that activity you will see you need a product that helps you to get  the activity done with ease and you will be thinking of that product without fail. Did the advertisement work now?


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