In this Net Space Profits 2.0 review, I’m going to tell you what this course is all about, who it’s for, who it’s NOT for, the pros, the cons… and even mention a cool bonus offer exclusive to Net Space Profits 2.0 buyers…

So let’s get started.

Tyler Ericsson recently launched Net Space Profits 2.0 on ClickBank.  It’s a top selling Internet marketing product that teaches you how to earn passive income by leasing advertising space on simple, one-page websites that you get ranked for geo-targeted keywords.

Say what?

net space profits 2.0 review

Okay, basically you’re going to make a basic website and get it ranked at the top of Google for something like:  Dentists in Minneapolis.

After doing so, you’ll simply contact the dentist offices that are paying for advertising in Minneapolis (this is easy to find, since all you have to do is glance at the businesses running Google Adwords ads) and tell them you’ve got a site that ranks number ‘whatever’ for the phrase “dentists in Minneapolis”… and you’re willing to give ‘em exclusive rights to that page as long as they agree to pay you, say $300 per month…

See, you’re just renting out your strategic efforts to small businesses that don’t know how to implement basic SEO and online marketing tactics themselves.

It’s actually a very effective concept, and something I’ve started implementing into my growing online empire.

Net Space Profits 2.0 Review (Pros):

Here’s what I like about Net Space Profit 2.0…

By charging small businesses a monthly fee to “lease” your top-ranking website page, this provides your Internet business with stable monthly income — a nice change of pace from the highly fluctuating affiliate marketing game.

Next, you’ve got unlimited earning potential, as there are thousands and thousands of cities and each city has the same basic businesses who need to establish an online presence and market their services (but generally have no idea how to do so effectively… which is where YOU come in).

Finding good keywords to rank for is much easier as compared to promoting digital products on ClickBank or physical goods on Amazon.

Also, you’re providing a lot of value.  Most small businesses will have a comfy monthly advertising budget and for a mere few hundred bucks, you can provide ‘em exponentially greater exposure which should far exceed the monthly fee you’re charging — it’s a true win-win for both parties involved.

Lastly, the price is right.  For just $34, I honestly think Net Space Profits 2.0 is a solid investment that can open your mind to new income streams for your online business.

Net Space Profits Review, v2.0 (Cons):

One thing I didn’t like is that Tyler Ericsson makes a strong push for you to go with his hosting company of choice.  I felt this push could have been much more ‘soft’ and not made to sound like it’s the end of the world if you don’t go with them.

I’m cool with product owners recommending quality products and services that they stand to earn a commission from, but only when they do so in a very non-salesy manner.

Another negative that I noticed when conducting my Net Space Profits 2.0 review is that the course calls for you to make one authority site, while having each page/keyword phrase as a subdomain within that one site.  I think this idea is flawed in that it’s tough to get subdomains ranked.

I think one could benefit by taking the information and systems provided within Net Space Profits 2.0 and tweak it slightly by attempting to buy exact match domains instead — one domain for each targeted keyword you’re trying to rank for.

This will undoubtedly make it smooth sailing when it comes to getting to the top of big ole’ G daddy ;-)

And that pretty much concludes my review for version deuce of Net Space Profits by Tyler Ericsson.  Whether or not you decide to pull the trigger is up to you… but for those who are still interested in buying this course, I’ve got a powerful bonus offer that I’d like to offer you.

To learn more about this bonus, read this: (version 2.0 bonus by Super Affiliate, Brad Campbell)…


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