With the current marketing world always looking for the new, next big thing, wouldn’t it be simply awesome if we could understand what half of these new terms actually meant, social media marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing – it all needs tying together. If we were at uni we could call it the marketing mix, but here, in the real world?

Modern Media Marketing, it’s a new phrase, recently coined by the Rob Booth from the social media marketing blog;

So, what the big deal with Content Marketing.

Content marketing can mean many different things, from a simple article designed to attract clients via a blog such as this, to find, capture and connect with very well known and well used methods of finding new business to “renting” media on a pre-existing website, of course all in the source of relevant traffic.

We’ve been doing this for years?

You should develop your material so that it truly engages with your potential readers, it needs to capture that special moment, the one that gets them to visit, click and buy.

  1. fun, bring enjoyment
  2. have a purpose that they find useful.

Plus, you need to build the content looking at it from the point of view of the reader, what makes them tick, and of course above all, what makes them buy.

Of course it starts to get complicated when you understand that this is but one form of digital marketing, and that it can be applied to social media and more, we need to find the best way to connect the dots.

We should seriously consider the following as a great plan:

  • We need to replace the term, “Content marketing” and use the much more sensible “Modern Marketing” , of course allowing the noticeable changes in business to take place: relevant, real time updated content production, use multi channel marketing to develop all but the most troublesome leads.
  • We need to replace the term, Digital marketing” and transform the model into “Modern advertising”. In not to long the average customer, client or consumer will have adjusted to what is a minor change in terminology and embrace the new.
  1. Last but not least, we nee the term, Social Media” from our psyche, and use Modern Media” .

Modern Media Marketing, it sounds like the killer new phrase for the new generation of modern marketers, what do you think?

Check out , find out what the fuss is about.


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