Google AdSense is a great way to earn money. You can make a blog or a site and put Google ads. If you are not a professional guy who earns tons from online, still this is a great way to get some extra cash.
I saw many people getting Google AdSense, earning money and after a few days or a week they have lost their AdSense. Google is a gentle company and tells sorry to those people. Actually, that is not Google’s fault.


Case study 1:

When a friend of mine lost his Google AdSense, and he had $70 in that account. I wanted to see his website. His website was nice and at first I failed to find the reason why he has got banned. However, later I saw he made two mistakes in the website.
#1, in that site, privacy policy was incomplete.
#2, very few contents were copied from some other sites.  (Repeat, very few)
Usually people won’t get AdSense for those kinds of copy and incomplete sites.
But problem was his (my friend’s) site passed when he applied for the AdSense. Later, we realized Google checks more carefully when it is time to pay out.

Case study 2:

Sometime people just get greedy. When they see they are getting good money from AdSense, they try to earn money without doing the hard work. One of the most popular way is auto blogging. However, trust me today or tomorrow that AdSense will be banned. Many people will say this is possible, but we know Google is not stupid.


Case study 3:

Spun article is a great business. People can get over $100 in no time. If anyone wants to try that, that person can say good bye to his AdSense. When an AdSense account gets over $100 very fast then Google sends moderator to check. Spun article is ok with SEO but not for moderators.


Just in case:

This is going to be funny but this is serious as it is funny. DO NOT share your site with everyone which has your AdSense. That everyone can be even your friend or girlfriend. For example, after breakup you might get the click bomb. Again, this is funny but I saw it more than twice.

Doing business with Google is simple. (Expect the Google toolbar affiliate program because, to get involved applicant has to give a guarantee over million install per month)
Please read the rules from the Google AdSense page rather than listening from a friend. Furthermore, share your experience in comment section.


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