online surveys that payBeing able to stay at home and complete surveys online and getting paid to do so sounds like a dream for most people.

No long commute to work each day, no pretending to get along with annoying work mates – just you and your opinion (and your pajamas!).

So is it something that is possible just another of the many pipe dreams that never seem to turn out as good as you expected?Let’s take a look at the industry and finish off with how you can find online surveys that actually pay you money for your opinion!

An Overview Of The Survey Industry

The survey industry has come under wraps in the last couple of years as a lot of promoters trying to sign people up to these companies have been less than honest with what you should expect from working in the industry. They have painted a picture of $50 surveys everyday and all you had to do is check a few boxes and pay them for access to their ‘special’ system – which usually turns out to be something that you could get for free!

I’ve previously talked on here about why companies pay people to complete surveys, so I’m not going to go into it in any length.

But basically, these research companies are paid by the big companies and government agencies to gauge the general market perception on a certain topic. They are investing BIG money into their projects and are willing to pay to find out what people will think of it.

How To Find Online Surveys That Pay

So if you are looking to avoid the survey scams and only sign up for the survey sites that are actually known to pay out then here are a couple of great tips!

  1. Do Your Research
    There are plenty of people already completing surveys and with the growth in blogs, personal sites and online review sites, you can easily do a search for a review of specific survey sites. This allows you to get personal opinions instead of marketing speak promoted by the survey sites themselves.
  2. Don’t Pay Them Money
    And remember, you are doing them a favour in giving them your opinion of a topic, so there is no need for you to be paying them money for helping them out. This is usually the first sign of a scam – so be wary.

So keep your mind on these couple of tips as you are researching and just remember,

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is!



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