Google has become a great way to promote your business as it has opened new avenues to various firms. The applications by nature are very user friendly and this has led to its widespread popularity. Some of the important and well known Google Applications are as follows:


The most popular email service operating in the internet world right now, it has given a new dimension to the Emails. Now you can find everyone having their own gmail account and this service has taken over each and every other Mail Systems that are working at the Moment. The likes of Yahoo have gone far behind ever since Gmail made its foray. Now this email service would be apt for your business because it will offer 25MB of storage capacity and you can have the power to access this mail from anywhere you wish. Offline and Mobile Access is also made possible. Moreover its perfect in sync with various Blackberry, Android and Iphones. There is no problem with spasm and it works really fast as well. This email is just perfect for your business mail as its super fast and user friendly.

: Google Calendar

With Google Calendar, you no longer have to worry about missing your important meetings and other appointments. You will have the power to overlay your calendars so that you can contact the concerned person according to his/her availability. Its Calendar service sends out invitations and efficiently manages RSVPs. Other than that, you can now integrate the Google Calendar with your email account and this will prove to be immensely beneficial. You can also share your calendars with your peers and they consists a wide range of privacy and security options. You can open and operate your Calendar via Iphone and Blackberry Phones as well. You can add and edit important events and also invite people. SMS notification is also one good option available here

Google Docs :

Google Docs are very popular and you can now find tons of people around the world using this unique and highly useful application. With the invention of this web powered tool, you can now perform your tasks at your time right from your desk or anywhere else you like. It has the ability to let you edit and create a huge variety of business related work in the same file itself. This is what makes it very famous. You can also access it offline as well as through your mobile phone. Moreover, you can also operate Google Docs through different types of operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux and they support lot of different file formats. So one can say for sure that they are highly flexible. Uploading your files also becomes very easy with this amazing application.


: Google Videos

If you want to publicize your company products with the help of effective videos and planning to stream it, then forget Youtube and the likes because Google Videos will take care of it in a big way. Now, you don’t have to bother uploading videos in your email. You just have to use Google’s exclusive video service. It plays a key role in your business activities as you can share files regarding crucial business dealings and internet happenings in a much better way. Besides that, the Videos are highly secure and you can safely share your details with your co-workers. You can also access these videos from anywhere you wish to and it gives you the liberty to work across different Operating Systems.




  1. Fire In Space says:

    Ya, Google is expanding like crazy, just endless. Now sky is the limit for Google…I just love Google Doogle :P


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